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 Color Meaning 






Cool and calming: Blue can be strong and steadfast or light and dutiful. It is associated it with male energy. 

FLIP SIDE:  Over protective and suffocating not open to seeing other's side of issue


SCENT:  Hints of Sandalwood and Lavender Sage

MEANING:  This color came to me when one of my clients was getting married. She had grown up without family and wanted her life to be different. She asked me to make her a wedding unity candle and a parting gift to give away at the wedding. When I met her I knew she was special. I thought of the saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” She didn't think anyone would give her blue on her wedding day. I decided to surprise her with “something Blue" and the Blue Guardian Candle was made. When I created that scent I knew it would keep her calm and protected, as she celebrated her wedding day. I started giving this candle to some of my regular clients and continued to receive positive feedback. So when you use this candle, know that it's helped a bride on her wedding day to feel protected.

USAGE:  Sandalwood is commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, eczema, and insomnia.  It is also an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and good for relaxing.

Blends well with lavender, jasmine, and patchouli.






Love and War: Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemly conflicting emotions passionate love to violent and warfare. Red is cupid and the Devil all rolled up in one. Just depends how you  are feeling.

FLIP SIDE:  Angry and rage mostly associated with getting even but can also be self undoing and insecurity.


SCENT:  Hints of Roses

MEANING:  The inspiration for the Ruby Red Courage candle came from one of my clients who was having a really hard time at work. Her boss always had her to train new staff members but never paid her for her time. She was angry to the point she was seeing red every time her boss spoke with her at work. As you know, you can't stay that angry for long with out acting out. It was around the holidays and she was working on gifts for the office. I made the Ruby Red Courage candle for her, so she would have the courage to tell her boss how she was feeling. I also wrote the affirmation with her in mind. I gave it to her and asked she place it on her desk. I don't know if she burned it, but she could read the affirmation and smell the aromatherapy fragrance. It worked! Her and the boss talked about the candle on her desk, and during the conversation she used her courage to let him know how she felt. He apologized for not recognizing her work sooner and gave her a raise. Moral of the story - Use your anger to speak your truth in a healthy way. This is a true story and I am proud of how she learned to use her courage to earn better wages.

USAGE:  Rose is commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and menstrual pains.  It is also an aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, and menstrual stimulation.

Blends well with bergamot, geranium, juniper, and lavender.






Cool and calming: Pink Pink is softer, less violent. Pink is the sweet side of red. 

FLIP SIDE:  Over indulgent, doesn't want to make the hard choice and avoids conflicts.


SCENT:  Hints of Sweet Candy, Sandalwood & Lavender

MEANING: Hot pink is associated with female energy but it's a bit more than that. It's about using your compassion instead of being a brute; using your heart to win the battle, not just your muscle. This color came to me when I was helping a client heal from a broken heart. She knew the person was not right for her but she still felt love and breaking up was extremely difficult. They were moving in different directions in their lives but still cared for one another deeply. The scent is meant to inspire love and grow with how the love makes you feel.

USAGE:  The scent is meant to inspire love and grow with how the love makes you feel.

Blends well with lavender, jasmine, and patchouli.






Life and Renewal: Green is Life, abundance in nature; green signifies growth, renewal, health and environment.

FLIP SIDE: Green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience

SCENT: Hints of Nag Champa

MEANING: One of my all time favorites. I know we worry about finances; but the 1st step is creating the mindset to learn how you manage your wealth. Money represents growth, and with that growth you can create the security you need. Remember, financial wealth doesn't just come from money. It comes from the value we place on items that become more and more rare as time goes on. So when you think of wealth, what do you feel? That is how this scent and color was inspired. I watched my clients over the years, accumulate their worth by simply paying more attention to how they managed their possessions. This scent has hints of Nag Champa ,which always reminds me of security and learning from past experiences.

USAGE:  Nag Champs is commonly used for anti-aging, depression, acne, and impotence.  It can also be used for  memory stimulation. antibacterial, astringent.

Blends well with clove, cedarwood, and lavender.



Personal Power


Ego Protection

Royalty and spirituality: Purple is the color of  royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality . The opposite of hot red and cool blue, combine to created this intriguing color. 

FLIP SIDE: Arrogance and overly confident; will not hear or understand other side of problem.


SCENT:  Hints of Berrywood

MEANING: Once upon a time Purple was only worn by royalty and nobility, representing power and integrity. It's one of those strong but soft colors that will make anyone smile on the inside. To me this color represents your personal power with your ego. Self confidence, self esteem and courage all come from your pride. It's healthy to think positively about yourself. When I developed this color one of my clients was up for a major promotion and she had to prove to her outgoing manager that she was the right person to replace him. This was very challenging because she could promote without his endorsement. She knew her job, but she was working so tirelessly, she lost focus and began  to doubt her talents. She wanted to feel her power and confidence with her work but she was also not taking care of herself. I asked my client to use this personal power candle to calm her ego and focus. This color is created to make you feel confident so you can make your dreams come true. She did earn the promotion and was quite proud of her accomplishment. This scent has a hint of Berrywood to help center your mind and spirit.

USAGE:  Berrywood is commonly used for anxiety, depression, and overstimulated imagination.


Blends well with sage, rose, and lavender.







Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color, that like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy with communication clearly as what you need.

FLIP SIDE: Yellow is cowardice and deceit to anyone that doesn't follow your orders.

SCENT:  Hints of Lemon Verbena

MEANING: The thing that I have noticed about communicating is you have got to learn how to focus on listening first and then forming a comprehensive response.  But how many of us know how to really listen and speak from our hearts? That is why I developed the Canary Yellow Communication Candle. The bright yellow color reminds me of the sun rays which we need to help us shine and communicate what we need. This color works beautifully with Lemon Verbena which is a sharper lemon scent that opens up the throat area in the body, so you can speak from your heart without being too dramatic. My clients have used the candle combo to keep their minds clear when dealing with major communications issues in life. I have a client who was very shy and always the one who maintained the peace in her family. Once she started using this candle she started sharing more of her thoughts with her family, so they could all learn how to communicate with one another, which took a lot of pressure off of her. She now uses this candle on a daily bases.

USAGE:  Lemon Verbena is commonly used for acne, astringent, muscle relaxation, and anti-bacterial.  It is refreshing and cleansing.

Blends well with jasmine, peppermint, and rosemary.



Pure Simplicity



Ultimate light: White is purity, cleanliness and innocence. The higher power within all of us. Trusting one's guts and first impressions.

FLIP SIDE: Naive and silly doesn't want to grow up and take responsibility.

SCENT:  Hints of Jasmine and Vanilla

MEANING: Most folks think of the color white and immediately think of vanilla. For me, white has so many scents that match pure beauty; such as the scents of Jasmine and White Lily that always remind me to slow down. How many of us ever really stop and smell the flowers? It's not just a saying. , it's something we all should do a least once a week. This color scent was inspired by my grandmother. She always liked flowers around on Sunday because it was a day of rest and spending time with the family. I remember someone always bringing her Jasmine flowers after church. So when my clients want a soft scent that relaxes their mind and eases their spirit, this one of those "go-to" candles. This candle has been used as last minute gifts for bridal parties, holiday gifts, company events and more, because it's a universal scent that works for everyone.

USAGE:  Jasmine is commonly used for anxiety, frigidity, labor pain, and menstrual pains.

Blends well with rose, lavender, and sandalwood






Creativity: Red-orange color helps bring out the creative side of your personality. This color is strongly associated with sexual energy but creative energy brings passion which can lead you to creating something beautiful in your life.

FLIP SIDE: Being silly and hungry with desire for special foods. 

SCENT:  Hints of Cranwood, Tangerine and Cinnamon

MEANING: This is such a fun color and the hints of Cranwood always reminds me of fall. The color orange represents our enthusiasm, passion and stimulates attractions. Have you ever noticed a lot of fast food restaurants use a version of orange in the signage outside their buildings? Because oranges make us hungry, and we should be eating a nutritional snack every 4 hours for energy, you can see how colors can draw you towards things you need; like food. One of my clients wanted to change her eating habits but seemed to always fall into the fast food trap. She started meditating with the orange candles so she could start focusing on making better food choices, even if if at a fast food restaurant. She started ordering all of her food cooked to order. She had lost over 25 lbs because she focused on what she was eating and not where she was eating at. That is a perfect example of affirmation and aromatherapy helping you achieve your goals.

USAGE:  Orange is commonly used for constipation, headaches, indigestion, and insomnia.  It can also be used as a muscle relaxation and soothing agent.

Blends well with sage, lavender, and geranium.







My favorite color in the world is Lavender because it does so many things - It's a herb, color, fragrance and flower.
Lavender represent devotion, grace and calmness; especially when dealing with large groups

FLIP SIDE: Lack self control, no filter and created a sense of urgency.

SCENT:  Hints of Lavender and Sage

MEANING: This is my favorite scent by far in the aromatherapy world. To me, this color represents in Spirit, in so many ways. We have a pure positive scent with Lavender being a herb, flower, scent, and color in over 100 varieties . You will never be bored when using this color! Thinking about it, when you see the color Lavender don't you just feel a certain frequency of peace? This color represents the individual spirit we all carry within our beings. As you mature you give yourself permission to deal with life on life's terms. This color helps soothe the emotions within us to feel safe and secured. Lavender has always been especially good to me. When I was a kid I loved Lavender flowers and one of our neighbors, Ms. Josephine, had the prettiest garden on the block. She would let me come over in the afternoon and sit with her while she picked flowers from her garden. She always gave me Lavender flowers to take home to my grandmother. This scent would carry in the air all night long and I remember waking up to Lavender flowers in the hallway. This is my number 1 selling candle because I do have a special blend of Lavender and Sage in every candle. Use anytime day or night to remind you of your inner strength. 

USAGE:  Lavender is commonly used for anxiety, burns, insect repellent, insomnia, and pains.  It is also an analgesic, anti-bacterial, astringent, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Blends well with bergamot, sage, and eucalyptus.







Duty, responsibility and structure. Connecting to your body's needs, is also a benefit of using the color.

FLIP SIDE: Feeling overly stressed by taking on too much responsibility.


SCENT:  Hints of Eucalyptus and Lavender

MEANING: This color represents grounding, on a physical level. Sometimes you need to slow down and get grounded when too much is going on. The body gives you signals when it needs love and care; but do you slow down? Routines and schedule are wonderful but you also need time to just be. That is why I use eucalyptus as one of the main scents.  One of my ladies is a major exercise person. She runs marathons, fundraiser walks and loves to be active. Unfortunately, she was not listening to her body. She was running everywhere all day long, until one day her body just didn't want to move. The doctors told her she needed to rest and that is when she started using this grounding candle. She used the affirmation to help her connect to her body’s needs. I am happy to report she is doing fine and is still active.

Disclaimer: During the holiday season I do switch up the scent to represent fall and holiday time.

USAGE:  Eucalyptus is commonly used for bronchitis, colds, insect repellent, sinus congestion.  Also for steam inhalations, vaporization, and compress.

Blends well with lemon, lavender, and sandalwood.

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