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Who is Ari?
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Ari Mc Intyre has been working as Spiritual Life Coach for over 15 years. She uses her gifts of intuition and clarity to tune into the individual's situation and assist them to make better choices. Ari facilitates these changes utilizing affirmation aromatherapy candles, spiritual coaching and keen observation with her expertise in the study of human nature, reading astrology charts, tarot and energy healing to help each individual achieve their goal. She has successfully guided her clients from being single to married, through life changing career moves, processing grief and manifesting dreams with counsel and divine guidance. Ari says that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is why we all need a little positive energy in our lives.

Ari uses affirmation aromatherapy candles to help the person tune into their higher power. Once you achieved what you want you have to maintain it with daily meditation & prayers. Acquiring something is one thing but maintaining it is entirely different.

Her goal is to help you learn how to control your balance, think clearly and make smart choices to help maintain that balance. Her acute sense of human nature makes working with Ari a truly enjoyable experience.

Ari believes God has a sense of humor that is why sometime things are so ironic. It's not funny when it's happening but when it's done if you look back on it you may find an ironic divine path that you never knew existed.

No one is perfect but we can all do a little better each day.

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