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Retrograde Realizations

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Greeting and Salutations,

February has been a busy month. I can tell by some of my emails, texts, and phone calls, that some of you felt the same way too. So in this blog we are going to touch base on retrograde realizations. Mercury, the planet of communications, rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. One is an air sign - Gemini - and the other is an earth sign - Virgo. Retrograde is when the planet of communications is not flowing with the earth's natural cycle. In other words, it's going against the earth’s axis flow. So, because we are ruled by gravity on this planet, it has a subtle but huge impact on our day to day life. As some of you might have noticed, computers are acting up - my new wireless earbuds kept turning on music as I moved my hand near my hair. This drove me nuts because I keep dropping calls in the middle of conversation. You may have also noticed everyone was a little late and day to day routines were up in the air. I saw several people literally walking in circles around a parking lot because they couldn't remember where they parked their car. Major communications issues regarding the pandemic and how to handle reopening has made so many people upset, sad, and downright crazy because we still do not have a clear understanding of the long term effects this disease will have on our society. It's really interesting to me to see how the stars have an effect on our lives whether we like it or not. So with that being said, let's focus on what we realize during and after a retrograde in Mercury. Communication is the name of the game so during this time you should have had some realizations with folks you have to communicate with on a regular basis. If you found yourself meeting up with folks from your past, that is another aspect of Mercury retrograde. I find that if you have unfinished karma then they usually will keep showing up until something is said or done to forgive or let go of something that person brought into your life. Now, this could be a great thing. Healing is letting go and forgiving yourself and your past. We can't change what has happened but we can learn and use that knowledge to make a better choice in the future.

Realization is the cornerstone of change. This retrograde was in the zodiac sign of Aquarius - the humanitarian! Last year when Saturn went into Aquarius, we started this pandemic which was March 15, 2020. This retrograde was all about the 5th dimension of knowledge. With the way things are going we may not see complete control over this pandemic for at least another year, or when Saturn finally leaves Aquarius, which will be in a year or so. Think about it - we are now being forced to learn how to use wireless communications to connect with everything. You can have your dinner brought to your home with a phone call and a credit card. You can zoom anywhere and anytime! We have had to slow down and think about where we place the camera so we can be seen, heard, or have a decent internet connection. No regular nothing!!! I have clients who only dress from the waist up anymore. They don't even try to put the rest of their clothes on because they are not going out - just sitting in a group meeting somewhere. Delivery services have changed the way they leave packages. No more just ring the doorbell and go. You have to wait to let the camera confirm who you and what you're doing at their door or you have to leave the food outside and wait for them to sign, all while staying 6 feet away from one another. Some families have gotten closer. I know I have been reaching out to my immediate family more and so should you. This 5th dimension is all about communicating with one another better than we have before. Listening to what is being said and using that knowledge to respond in a healthy way. We all have got to do this - no one will get a pass in this round. I would suggest sitting down with your journal and write down what had been going on around you in the last few weeks. I am sure you have had some realizations that may not have been the way you liked but nevertheless you got some knowledge under your belt so take this next few weeks to think about what information was made clearer in the past retrograde. What will you do differently in the future? How was your communication with your people? It's always nice to get the insight we need before we truly need it and that is what I think Mercury retrograde gives us. The realization of our true needs. What our hearts are saying that we need. There are always a great deal of challenges but remember how is a true diamond formed? Under a great deal of pressure.

In a recent episode of Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac we have been focusing on processing our emotions. Take a listen to this episode and let me know what you think:

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This March, I will focus on our bodies and taking better care of our mental and physical being. So, if you have some new ideas about how you have learned to exercise, eat right, or just some simple adjustments you would like to share, email me so I can put those in my notes for the show! It's also my birthday month and I am looking forward to sharing more insights and new items with you.

Look, I know things are challenging right now - that is why I am doing my podcast and sharing my product line with you. You are not alone, so don't let your mind run you into a bad place. Use the affirmations from the show. Write them down, say them to yourself, and use your words to affirm for better in your life.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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