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That Retrograde Feelin'...

Greetings and Salutations,

Well, it's been a while. How have you been? This summer has just flown by, hasn't it! I have been traveling and have to say we have some incredible sites right here in our own backyard. Being shut down for all that time has made me really appreciate the outdoors. I've been spending time understanding how to market myself online as well. Let me tell ya with Facebook turning into Meta, there are a lot of changes that we will all be seeing very soon. I am happy to say we have workshops going on in September both on Zoom and in-person at General Wax in North Hollywood, California. It's always such a treat to be in front of a live studio audience! Look for the Zoom link to future YouTube/Zoom sessions that I will be calling Round Tables Talks aka RTT's.

I would like to invite you to what's coming up this month:

1. Weekly Podcast live on every Thursday, 2 PM PST/5 PM EST. You can give us a call at 818-570-5KHD to ask questions.

2. Workshops - Mindful Guided Meditation on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month with Zoom Link. Join in and relax...

3. Fragrance and Color Workshop-This is a live class at General Wax in North Hollywood, California on Saturday, September 3rd at 12:45 pm. I help students find their signature scent and color. We do this class four times a year in the regular season.

4. NEW - Round Table Talks (RTT)! This is a new program rolling out in September which gives me a chance to share what's coming up in astrology for the month for each sign. Health, Wealth, Love, and Perfect Self Expression are the themes for these talks. Only members of the CBA private list will be given a Zoom link to participate in live sessions on YouTube and Facebook streaming.

This month's featured Candles for the CBA Subkit program are:

CBA Pure White in Exciting Vanilla!

We do have 5 major planets already in retrograde and it looks like Mercury will be starting its retrograde too on Friday, September 9th to Sunday, October 1st, so be prepared to go in a little bit of a circle. You may find yourself losing a few items or misplacing items. Just slow down and don't be too hard on yourself. It's all part of growing and learning. I will share more about it in the September podcasts. Just remember to check out the show's content. Download the shows and listen while you are stuck somewhere. I give a lot but you have to be willing to receive it. That's called FREE WILL.

As always, stay blessed and take care.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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