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Life on Spirit's Terms

Greetings and Salutations,

I think by now we all realize how much our lives have changed, but have you stopped to realize how many blessings you have received since the pandemic started? Yes, the holidays are different and Lord knows I miss seeing all of my family and friends. And "zooming" is not just on the freeway anymore. Once upon a time, the only way I knew how to use zooming was referring to zooming with traffic on the 405 freeway. Now, we are learning to live life in a different way. And it's called learning to live life on Spirit's terms. We all have to learn to slow down. We have all had to learn to wear masks and stay 6 feet away from one another. This has been a very strange and big learning curve for our society. Learning how to navigate the internet world has been everyone's day to day responsibility. I know we use our cell phones but now we are being forced to learn how to be kind on social media because we are all being digital recorded on some level. My kid shared with me all the things that she is missing and things they (her and her friends) were looking forward to this season. This broke my heart and I decided to join my PTA at her school to do what I can to help her school. Ended up running for president and was voted in!!! Now guys that me living life on Spirit's terms not mine. I know that by being of service, I am creating a positive vibe around me and those I love. Besides, I love kids and kids always inspire me to learn more. Of course, my business being on the net has given me some insight about

how to share and keep my networking circle balanced, so reaching out to my PTA family is nothing new for me. Because I have learned to live life on Spirit's terms!! This is a huge lesson and everyone learns in different ways. Personally, I give affirmations out because I know the power of the spoken word. Learning to speak positive loving things

into your life should not be hard. I mean, why would you need to suffer? If you could find a way out of a bad situation you would take it, right? Well, that is what living life enjoying and saying positive affirmation and listening to your higher power is about. We are in a huge growth spurt in our world right now. We have got to expand our minds and hearts with kindness and consideration. It's time to speak up in a respectful and civil way as to help our planet heal and show ourselves the respect we so desperately deserve. Jupiter moving into humanity-seeking Aquarius is just the ticket. This is such a good fit of energy right now because it's time to grow and try a little different than we did before. It's time to reach out to your fellow man and add a little kindness to the day-to-day grind. Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, a symbol of God bringing nourishment to Earth. People born under this sign are said to be progressive beings with very strong independent thinking. Add Jupiter - planet of higher learning and expansion - and there will be positive changes.

There is no way we can avoid major shifts in our day to day lives. It's already started with the pandemic. But you can use the blessing that the Spirit has given you to make your life a little better. You also have my products and services available. Not to mention a pretty damn good podcast available 24/7 on By the way, check out this

show about Time and Money:

I will definitely talk more about Jupiter-Aquarius more on the podcast so tune in live on Thursday at 2 pm PST on Call in on the hotline when we are live! Love to hear your positive feedback on how your affirmations have helped you.

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In closing, I would just like to ask you to just stop and count your blessings. Listen to your heart and follow what you know is the right path for you. But please just try to live life on Spirit's terms too. Don't be closed minded and just be receptive to listen a little bit more than you speak.

Stay healthy. Stay Safe. Stay Blessed.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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