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Jupiter moving into Pisces

I have to say I am a little excited. I mean it's not everyday that Jupiter and Neptune come together in one sign. It's like brothers that grew up together but moved in different directions. They love one another but sometimes bring out the worst in each other. Well, that is how Jupiter and Neptune are in the sign of Pisces. We've got the biggest planets in our system moving in the sign of Pisces - just like two fishes swimming in opposite directions!! Come on, you've got to see the humor in that! (SMILE) It takes Neptune 165 year to get through all of the zodiac signs. It takes Jupiter 12 year to also to pass through each zodiac sign. So when you have two big ass planets like Jupiter and Neptune meeting up together in the water sign of Pisces, then you know that there is something good going on in the Cosmos. After all, it's a very historical time we are living in and so Neptune and Jupiter meeting up in Pisces sets the stage for another major shift starting on December 29, 2021. When Pisces moves in Jupiter, this configuration will be going on for most of 2022. As a spiritual coach and a sun sign Pisces, I know how empathic energy works & I am looking forward to the world getting tuned into my native energy (compassionate) which makes me smile on the inside. It's time for us all to use a little more COMPASSION! That is the key word for Pisces - Compassion. That does not mean everyone gets a pass on being respectful and responsible. On the contrary, now you can feel the energy even more because of all of the water (Pisces) coming down from the heavens. I have a few episodes about how to keep calm.

Take a listen to this episode about what scents to use around the home during this season:

And this one as well about Pisces shifting in Jupiter:

I hope you are using your affirmation aromatherapy candles to keep your mind and body in perfect harmony. We are a year around candle making supplier. My candles have special affirmations that me and my clients have used for years. I have always known if a person could stop and listen to what they are saying and then look at what they are doing-Could stop us all from being unhappy. By listening, affirming and smelling you are setting intention into the community around you. Now that is what personal power looks like. Holding yourself in a positive attitude and using that to attain your personal goals. In 2022 I want you to join me in my monthly and weekly podcast, meditation classes and zoom session that will be sent out to my community 1st. So please make sure you have joined my community and follow us on Instagram and Facebook under @candlesbyari:



This month we are featuring the Forest Green Prosperity candle:

I made these candles for everyone who needs to draw support on the mental, spiritual, and physical level. Sometimes you have to sit, meditate, and pray to understand, especially if you are following your passion and dreams. These candles have helped many of my clients listen to their higher power when it's time to receive money from what you are worth. I personally keep one of these candles burning on a regular basis. Got to say just keeping calm and accepting your value is what these candles make the end user feel.

All candles are handmade in small batches to ensure maximum scent. Soy wax is the only one used in all candles. If you have any questions please feel free to email us back at

Happy Holidays!

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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