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Greetings and Salutations,

I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. With so many planets sitting in Pisces at this time, it's a really excellent opportunity to get in tune with your dreams and imagination. Pisces rules dreams, hopes, and spirituality among other things. So my suggestion to you is to take some time to really set up your night time sleeping routine to include a little extra time to journal or meditate before going to sleep. Studies have shown how important sleep is to the human body and anyone who has had a bad night of sleep looks and feels like crap the next day.

We need sleep to regenerate on a cellular level. Your body needs time to replenish and recover from all of life's stress. We are so blessed to be able to put ourselves in a place of rest and relaxation. You don't have to make yourself fall asleep but you can set yourself up to be able to rest and allow your body to relax which could possibly lead to your falling asleep easier. Rest should be the goal and how you get there is up to you but here is what I do know: affirmation aromatherapy candles help. My clients have shared with me how they used my candles to help them find a way to relax especially when dealing with stress. Our tag line is Aromatherapy Beyond the Senses because you can use the candles everyday to keep your mind and body in harmony on the inside. Once you try one candle, you will want them all the time! There are tons of candles on the market but none have our scents and affirmations and are made with intention. My intention is that the end user feels the love and spirit I put into each and every product I make here at Candles By Ari.

This month is my birth month so I am featuring my signature candle Lavender Sage!! This is one of the most powerful candles out on the market. I designed my candles fragrances to smell like flowers - soft and not over powering. I believe candles should add ambiance to any situation. You should not walk into a room and have the scent hit you in the face. Candles are like good meals - they should leave you feeling good and satisfied.

We just released 8 oz. size candle ($14.99) for those who wanted to have mini candles at the office or while traveling. They make great gifts for anyone you know who needs a little love. Mini but mighty is what I call them.

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Take care of yourself and get some good sleep.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac