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Hello 2023

You did it!

You made it to 2023! Can you just stop for one moment and acknowledge what a feat that is? Can you take a few moments to appreciate the fact that you are a winner!? It takes a great deal of time and patience to learn how to navigate life. Between fairytales and integrity, lies your truth. The truth of who you are and what you want out of your life. I have watched for years people affirm for and expect the worst in life. This is why I created my affirmation aromatherapy products. We have enough of life's natural drama that you don't need to affirm for more. In my last podcast I gave each zodiac sign their theme for the year. It's fun and usually it is something the person needs to work on anyway. Take a listen while you are finishing up mercury retrograde mishaps!

I have been going through some medical stuff so forgive me for not

bringing mercury retrograde to your attention. Remember we have

mercury retrogrades at least 3-4 times a year. We started the year off

with mercury going against earth's natural

gravitational pull. But it is ended on the

18th which will be nice.

I am in the process of having oral surgery and let me tell you mercury

retrograde has done a number on me. I knew it was happening so at

least I kept my cool. But damn, these structure changes are hard. On a

light note, Jupiter is now in the Aries-1st sign of the zodiac sign.

Jupiter is comfortable in Aries because they both are fire signs. I

think this year is all about getting your mind and body straight.

Health is a priceless thing don't wait until something happens to

start eating better and drinking more water on a daily basis. One of

the things I see happening this year is people want to be more

independent. Wanting to get out and do more adventures. Even if they

are local it's important to feel like you have the choice to do

better, right?

We have so much going on that I want you guys to be a part of. This year I am on a mission to grow like crazy online and in person. And I can not do that without your support.

So this month at Candles by Ari, Inc. we are featuring the personal

Communications candle also nicknamed "The Laker Candle" because of

the Lavender and Yellow color. This is one of the best selling

custom candles with my clients. I add the Lavender color along with my

signature Lavender Sage scent on top and then I add Canary Yellow, our

Lemon Verbena scent, at the bottom. This scent will send you into heaven! I

am not kidding. Here is what folks have said...

"The first time coming across Candles by Ari was at a holiday faire. I was amazed by the incredible smell of these aromatherapy candles. I love they are completely handmade and made with soy wax, a much cleaner burning wax. I had to get some. I entered into a drawing and imagine my surprise that I won! Ari herself delivered my prizes. She has such a calm demeanor and is a lovely woman. I am so glad I got to meet her and enjoy her amazing candles. Thank you so much!" ~ ~ Sherri Vignali

This candle is normally $35.00 and it's on sale this month for only $25.00!!

Just to keep it fair I am also featuring the Subkit program with the

same colors with a bonus! You get access to 1 Mindful Guided Meditation

Class with me! All for only $49.99 includes S&H!

Subscribe today click the link --->

We are here to create a positive mindset with affirmation

aromatherapy candles that will benefit your daily life and help lower

your blood pressure so you make better life choices. My goal is to

have candles in every state of the union. That's 50 states using

affirmation and aromatherapy to make this world a better place. This

is going to be amazing so are you ready to get started?

We will be bringing in more online events such as weekly podcasts live

every Thursday at 2 pm on I usually have Facebook live going

at the same time but will be adding Instagram very soon too. We will

be having some very special guests coming up this season. I want to

expose you more to alternative options so look for some power house

guests on the podcast this season. Look for topics from Reiki to CBD

and plenty of inspiration and insight to support you on your journey.

Monthly Mindful Guided Meditation with Ari

We will be starting a

library so you can have access to classes as you need them. That is

one of my personal goals to have everyone meditate for at least 10

mins a day. You would be so surprised how much of a positive effect

that will have on your mind and body. Add affirmation aromatherapy

candles and you can achieve anything!!

Trust me I can see when someone is in tune with themselves and when

they are not. It's sad to see folks suffer but sometimes you have to

just be there to support and keeping your spirits up is the best support

you can give others. By taking care of yourself you can be there for

the people you love. They need you to be strong and healthy, right?

Color and Fragrance Class

This class is live at General Wax in North

Hollywood, California. In the future we will be offering this online.

Being an aromatherapist for all these years I have learned a few

things about how to use color and fragrance to keep myself and my

clients balanced. In this class I share the insight I have learned

over the years. It also gives the student a chance to find what colors

and fragrance uplift their spirit. It's truly a joy to see the

students shine as they learn more about themselves. This class is

about 90 mins and the dates for our upcoming classes at General Wax are:

Saturday, February 11th at 10 am

Saturday, March 11th at 10 am

Cost is $35.00

Round Table Talks

This is your opportunity to join in and share your

thoughts about health, wealth, astrology, love and share what's on

your mind. This will be an ongoing show primarily for my YouTube,

Facebook and Instagram family. To be a part of the audience you need

to subscribe to this site because there will be a live Zoom audience

going on and only those who subscribe will receive the link to get in.

Ya, that's right you have to be a part of the CBA family to be invited to

our private/public events. It is easy to join. Send me an email if you

have any trouble at


The Vision Board Meditation Class

This class will be starting up at the end of

March early April. This is a very advanced class with Zoom live. We

created our boards and mediated together. It's amazing. I have seen so

many folks succeed with this class. If you are interested let me know.

Class size is limited.

Also look for me at the Pacoima Historical Society Black History event

on Sunday, February 19th in Pacoima, California. If you live in the

Los Angeles County area come out and see us. They will have food and

vendors to celebrate Black History month.

Let's connect this year! What are your personal goals? Let's talk

about what affirmation aromatherapy candles, products and services

will help you attain your goal.

Have questions please email me back here.

Love and Light,

Spiritual Coach Ari Mac

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