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Hello 2023

You did it!

You made it to 2023! Can you just stop for one moment and acknowledge what a feat that is? Can you take a few moments to appreciate the fact that you are a winner!? It takes a great deal of time and patience to learn how to navigate life. Between fairytales and integrity, lies your truth. The truth of who you are and what you want out of your life. I have watched for years people affirm for and expect the worst in life. This is why I created my affirmation aromatherapy products. We have enough of life's natural drama that you don't need to affirm for more. In my last podcast I gave each zodiac sign their theme for the year. It's fun and usually it is something the person needs to work on anyway. Take a listen while you are finishing up mercury retrograde mishaps!

I have been going through some medical stuff so forgive me for not

bringing mercury retrograde to your attention. Remember we have

mercury retrogrades at least 3-4 times a year. We started the year off

with mercury going against earth's natural

gravitational pull. But it is ended on the

18th which will be nice.

I am in the process of having oral surgery and let me tell you mercury

retrograde has done a number on me. I knew it was happening so at

least I kept my cool. But damn, these structure changes are hard. On a

light note, Jupiter is now in the Aries-1st sign of the zodiac sign.

Jupiter is comfortable in Aries because they both are fire signs. I

think this year is all about getting your mind and body straight.

Health is a priceless thing don't wait until something happens to

start eating better and drinking more water on a daily basis. One of

the things I see happening this year is people want to be more

independent. Wanting to get out and do more adventures. Even if they

are local it's important to feel like you have the choice to do

better, right?

We have so much going on that I want you guys to be a part of. This year I am on a mission to grow like crazy online and in person. And I can not do that without your support.

So this month at Candles by Ari, Inc. we are featuring the personal

Communications candle also nicknamed "The Laker Candle" because of

the Lavender and Yellow color. This is one of the best selling

custom candles with my clients. I add the Lavende