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Growth Is Still Happening

Greeting and Salutations,

I am sending lots of positive energy out right now and I hope that you are taking care of yourself. This is going to be a retro type of blog because I want to go over some information that I have shared in the past so we can move forward to a better future. So, let's start with the planets we have in retrograde right now: Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, and my favorite shit starter, Chiron in Aries, all going against earth's gravitational flow. You have to admit that sounds like a lot of planets!! Well, that is because it is...I have rarely seen this kind of configuration in my lifetime. Can't help but think we are being guided to a much higher cause even though we don't want to admit to ourselves. I know you know about the big planets, but very little is ever said about Chiron. It's a fairly new discovery but it does have some major influences on the other planets. See, all astrology as we know it started with Greek mythology and those stories were handed down generation after generation. Chiron was discovered in the 1970s so it's newer to the astrology line up. Chiron is named after a centaur in Greek mythology who was famed for his teaching and healing abilities. Ironically, even with all his wisdom and healing power, Chiron could not heal himself from the wound of a poison arrow, which caused him chronic pain — that’s where the comet’s nickname “wounded healer” is derived from. Just its namesake’s mythology alludes to, Chiron represents the deep sources of pain, suffering, and wounding in our life. It’s our soft spot; the part of us that feels wounded, sensitive, and vulnerable. The part of ourselves we need to heal so we can grow. Even though the story speaks of Chiron not being able to heal himself, he is a great teacher in learning to grow and heal through painful situations. Right now, Chiron sits in Aries going backwards. Aries rules the head, our mental state and, of course, where we make our choices in life. So with that planet going backward, we all are being asked to review: what the heck are you thinking?

So, use this time to go over your choices very carefully and when in doubt, talk to someone you trust so you can hear yourself and get feedback before you make a major decision. Recently, I have had a clear realization that the volunteering organization that I have been working with for many years is not getting the support from the administration because they simply do not want the support. I have to tell you that this really hurt my feelings because I truly did believe in who we were helping to support. It's not because of the pandemic we are having these issues. It's simply because they do not see my time as being valuable. This was a very hard slap in the face, but it was needed, so I can now move my energy to a place where I can feel that positive exchange of energy. See, I volunteer for the joy of giving to a cause that I know needs support. Since the pandemic started, I have gone out of my way to support them and let the administration know that I would like to support them to keep the unit going. So after my initial emails were ignored, I tried to set up a meeting (zoom or in person) but my major meeting was cancelled simply because I was not included in this year's calendar! Well, I got it! They were not going to say it, but they were clearly not going to support me and my team. This was a very sobering reality that even for a good hearted person reaching across the table these administrators still chose to ignore me and treat me with no respect whatsoever. Volunteers are the lifeblood for many organizations and people do talk amongst themselves. Now, I personally will not make any recommendations for anyone to deal with these folks. So this was my lesson - letting go of that which doesn't want to be supported. This is one of those grown up situations. I love helping folks. I just need to find the right folks who feel the same way about what I bring to the table. This totally sounds like Chiron energy to me. With Chiron being in Aries, which rules the head, and the planet Mars which rules action and war, this is about battling through your self doubt and using that GPS (God Protection System) that you were given at birth. You know when something is wrong. We all do but now it's time to make better choices so we don't have to keep doing the same dumb shit over and over again.

This example I gave you was something I just experienced and will be dealing with the fall out till next year. I am not going to just quit volunteering but I am also using my time in a much better way. What's going on in your world? What new or old challenges have come back once again? What have you learned and how will you use this new knowledge? Lots of questions, I know, but please use them as a guide to help you during these challenging times.

If you have not gotten a journal to write in yet, then go to and get your handmade book with some of my best affirmations that have worked for my clients over the years.

For fun, I found one of my first newsletters from 2007!! Yep, 2007, just to show you guys how much I have grown over the years. That's what life is truly about - enjoying your journey. It's great if you have tons of money and lots of friends and family but what really makes most people happy is feeling safe and appreciated. These feelings can't be made up so don't play pretend that you are something that you are not. Take a look at where I was and look at where I am today.

You can click on the link to download it to read it at full size.