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Growth and Evolution

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Greeting and Salutations,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. Been thinking a lot about growth and evolution. In this last year, I have had to change just about my entire schedule in my personal and professional lives. We have all had to change in ways we never considered before. The thing about using affirmations is that no matter where you are, you can still use them to keep your mind in balance. Watching the news or reading posts on social media can get to your mindset faster than anything else, so please make sure that you are using affirmations daily to keep your mind heading in the right direction. This last year I have spent learning how to read and understand marketing online. The program is called Power Your Launch and its founder, Adu Fofanah, is a brilliant man. (Thank you @thabufofanah) He said you could finish the program in 6 weeks, but that was not my case. You see I realized that I would need a bit more time. Now people, this really bothered me! Because I thought with the pandemic making us stay home that, I would just breeze right through it. However, that would not be the case. It took me over 10 months to get my certification! AND, I am still working on laying the foundation. This has been one of the biggest challenges. My goal is to use this new skill set to reach you! Yes, that's right, YOU! My audience who wants to grow and evolve with me. Along this journey, I realized that I evolved too – I am more than just a candle maker. I am a Candleologist. Here is my definition:

Candleologist- A person whose main focus is the study of the art and science of candles, candle making, and the history.

When I started this journey, I just wanted folks to use their sense of smell to calm down and make better choices. I remember when I first started making candles. I knew I was not going to get my deposit back on my apartment because the walls were splattered with wax all over the place and I did not have anyone teaching me. This was self-taught through trial and error. Over time, I made some incredible relationships that helped me learn and grow with the business (big shout out to General Wax and Candle Company). Did you know that there is an International Candle Association? Yes, there is and I am currently in contact with them over the new title that I have created. The study of this is nothing new but having never heard of the title of Candleologist - I have to confirm that I am the first technically. Truly, I do know some people who have beaten me to the candle knowledge but do not currently hold the title. I want to change that!

This evolution and growth has come with a price. I am a true candle-making junkie. I mean I make candles all of the time for me and my family. We need the light and scent around us to remind us of how simple and beautiful life truly is. I wanted my home to be a place where you can feel safe and at ease. Aromatherapy candles have done this for me. When I started this journey, I was just like you: enjoying my path and allowing the Spirit to inspire me to continue. Well, here we are 15 plus years later and I am more in love with candles and how they can affect people more than ever before! I have been blessed with a special gift and I want to share that gift with those who need it. This has been a hell of a journey. Starting from my love of scents and fragrances. I am one of those folks that my family would ask to smell stuff to see if it was going bad. I remember my grandmother told me I had a nose that could smell the sea from thousands of miles away. There is a story of one night when I was 12 years old, I was at my great auntie’s for Sunday dinner. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I smelled something weird and went outside to investigate. It smelled as if something was hurt badly or even dying. As I stepped out onto the porch, the outside light came on and I saw a shiny red drops on the ground on the sidewalk near our gate. As I got closer, the smell got worse. I started to notice that the drops got bigger as my eyes followed the trail. Low and behold, there was a man on the ground bleeding to death about 12 feet away. I screamed for my family and someone called 911. The police told my family that if I had not found him when I did, he would have died. My grandmother took me to the side and told me God had given me a gift that helped save that man. She told me we all have a destiny and we were here to help this man and someday I would understand how this gift could help enrich my life.

People, I was a kid so this did not make much difference to me at the time. I was just happy the man did not die. But, as the years have gone on, I now have more appreciation for my grandmother's words and wisdom. This is why it is so important to have positive energy around you. So, even when you don't know they are giving you positive reinforcement, you still have it in your memory. I see now the importance of being honest with yourself and others. Learning what makes you happy and sad is a part of this growth and evolution. You have a natural GPS inside of you - God Protective System - but it has to be developed and that is why using affirmations along with scent has such a profound effect on us. We could smell even before we could speak. That is how, as a baby, you knew who your mother was - you could smell her. My promise is to do my best to share the information Spirit has blessed me with. But, I do have one request - can you use this information to make yourself happy? Can you try your best to keep a positive attitude with my products and services? Just a little bit every day is all I am asking.

This last month on the Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac podcast, we have been going over the importance of being a giving person and how every day is a present! This was my birth month so March is always a new beginning for me. I like to think that each birthday is a gift of knowledge and what we make of it shows up the next year. This was my first year without any events. I mean with the pandemic I didn't even want to try to put folks in harm's way so it was sure was quiet and low key. I have to say this was the first time in over 10 in years that I did not have some special celebration. I will say that I felt so loved by those who did go out of their way to celebrate with me. To celebrate, we do have some specials going on with up to 15% off your entire order and a few of my candles are buy one get one free. The thing that I realized is that my candles are not for everyone. These products are designed to make the end user relax and smell something made with LOVE. I do understand that I am not for everyone but if you are still reading this article then you are definitely one who gets me! We all have to evolve and grow. I say make your own choice as to what direction you would like to go in. It is your life and you don't get to come back to this body so make sure you are enjoying your journey. Have you missed any of my shows? Catch up here with links to all of my past podcasts:

Remember the podcast is live every Thursday at 2 pm PST on and all podcasts are always at 24/7.

I’d love to hear how you are doing. When you get a chance, drop me a little note letting me know how affirmations have helped you achieve your goals.

Take care of yourself & listen to your inner light. Stay blessed. Stay healthy. Stay safe Love and Light, Ari Mc Intyre Spiritual Coach & Candleologist