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Food For Thought

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Greetings and Salutations,

I know we have been making a lot of adjustments with all of the new openings happening here in the US of A. I personally am still getting the courage up to go into crowds on purpose. I consider myself to be a social butterfly but since I have had to do everything online I have learned to embrace solitude. My yoga studio closed, my favorite restaurants survived but now only does pick up, and my friends plus family have been encouraging me to come over and hang out. On Memorial Day weekend, I decided to try to go to at least a family function. It's just not knowing who has or has not been vaccinated that is the challenge. But as they say in show business "The show must go on." If you have been listening to the podcast you know that we have been working on planning for tomorrow. We also have a retrograde in Mercury starting on May 29th to June 22nd in Gemini. So communication is going to be a bit harder than normal. Computers, reports, and communication in general will be affected. Make sure to write down your plans and schedule that will help you keep up when the computer stuff goes south. Gemini is the planet of communications, it shares Mercury with Virgo the only earth sign that is mutable in the earth trilogy. Virgo, expect things to drive you a little more crazy than usually. You may have to do the same tasks at least 4x but if I know my Virgos they will just keep getting better every time they have to do the task. With summer also creeping in, it's time for us to PLAN OUT TOMORROW!! Did you notice I put that in big words? That was on purpose so that you hear what I am going to be saying to you in this blog.

Listen to Planning Your Tomorrow now!

Ok, ready!!!!!!! It's time to move forward. So this is a call to action to get off your ass and start getting your mental game back in order. I hear you are saying " How are we going to do that?" That is why I am here. We are going to do it together with some ideas and new products that have just been coming out to the public. That is our new handmade Affirmation books complete with many of my most successful affirmations. These books are compact and can fit in just about anywhere a notebook can fit. The thing I love about them is they are all handmade so just like the candles there is a special touch of love in every book.

Check them out: Affirmation Journal Book + 12oz Red Courage

Supplies are limited so get your ASAP!

This last month on the podcast we had the pleasure of having one of my favorite crafting vendors here in California. Her name is Cheryle Townsend - Auntie Godmother - and she has been one of the most gifted craft makers that I know. She has a little secret that I have known about for years. She has used her talents to create a vision board to map out her success. This has always been one of my inspirations and she has agreed to come back to the show to share her suggestion about making a successful vision board.

As a matter of fact I think we'll be offering a limited class with zoom in the future on how to make a successful vision board!! When I say we got to get our mental attitude together I mean it. These two suggestions are major game changes if you take the time out everyday to use them. Retraining your brain is just like going to the gym to get back into shape. It's going to take a little time but the results are so worth the time you must put in to meet your personal goals. Look at her boards!

As you can see by the picture this is not going to be hard but it will definitely be a challenge. Make sure you are listening to the podcasts and be ready to join in on my new YouTube channel.

So this is a wake up call!! Are you open to growing? Want to make this pandemic reopening work in your favor? Then get your affirmation notebook, listen to the podcast, and make a choice to try to do your part everyday. Be ready to participate and don't give up. It takes some time and all I ask is that you do not give up!!

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde right now so you may have to re-read this blog several times before you get off your asset and get to work. That's ok. It's taken me more time to put my thoughts down on paper so trust me I understand having to stay focused and on task. Just remember you are not alone and listen to the podcast for

inspiration and the affirmations for the week.