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Greetings and Salutations,

Well, we are in the home stretch of 2020!  I don't know about you, but so far this year has been a major shift in the way I live. I mean, who would have thought we would be wearing masks to go to the grocery store? Not to mention just going out to visit family or friends. But here we are, so let's work to make the end of 2020 memorable. How? Let's start by being in gratitude that we are still alive and working. I have advocated for you to pay attention to the affirmations that you are saying to yourself and to others. I also ask you now take some time out and find a space to relax. I mean REALLY find some peace. Recently. a friend of mine put in a hot tub in her backyard. I have got to tell you that I can see a world of difference in the way she is dealing with life since then. She used to be so stressed out about everything. One day, in our session, I asked her to consider finding a new way to relax. Something she could do in her home and create that kind of harmony she was needing. She told me how she missed vacations. She said the best part was sitting in the jacuzzi. So we can come up with a plan to bring her favorite part of vacationing to her home. The project was less than what she would have paid for her family vacations so she and her family were very pleased. It was a simple installation and from what I am seeing she seems to be very happy.

This is the kind of idea I would ask you to end this year on. Don't think about what you can't do anymore. Think about how to make a little slice of heaven in your home. It's learning how to endure this time that will get us through everything.

This month, I am running a special on Tangerine Orange candles with my special blend of orange spice. It's very festive and I only make this orange spice blend once a year! So if you want some good smell affirmation, light one in your home this season. Order now while supplies last or you may have to wait until 2021!!  This is a special candle that will remind you of why we love being home for the holidays.

We also have a special buy one get one free candle code, so get one for you and one for a friend - these make AMAZING holiday gifts. Visit our website to find the code to use when you place an order!!


Endurance is another factor that helps keep your mind and heart heading in the right direction for your life.

We talked about endurance on the show this last month. Take a listen to these two episodes:


We have some major shifts in astrology with Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Dec 21, 2020. That means a major expansion in how we deal with humanity and friendships. We all need one another and Aquarius is the only fixed sign in the air trilogy so when you make friends with an Aquarius then you have made a friend for life. I like to think of the universe as something that moves all around us - we think we are in control but a few things happen and then you realized you are not running a damn thing!  So, it's better to keep a good attitude of gratitude. As I write this, the election here in the USA is being counted. I do feel like a change is in air and now voters have the opportunity to make their voices heard. All we can do is wait for the outcome.  Remember necessity is the mother of invention and I know with America being ruled by a water sign Cancer, we are some emotional folks. But the sign of Cancer also rules mother and kids, so that is why we have this deep need to have open arms to others in need. So I am very confident in you and your abilities to grow no matter what and reach your goals.  Let's start with writing down your goals. Just grab a simple notebook or journal and start writing out your thoughts. This doesn't have to be hard. You don't have to spell correctly, hell you don't even have to write in complete sentences but you do have to write out what you are feeling and what would make you feel better. Creating that feeling is the focus.

As we go into the last few months of this memorable year, I ask you to review all the affirmations that we have been using and see which one works for you. I tell my kid all the time to think before she speaks and speak from the heart. I think that is something we can all do a little bit more each day. Think, listen to your heart, and don't let setbacks or challenges slow you down. Take them all as a learning experience and a little detour on the road of life.

This holiday season, please check out our new personal power kit that will be available in a few weeks. It will include a handmade journal and two of my personal favorite candles with a special affirmation to help you focus on creating the future you desire. We are live every Thursday on and if you miss a show, you can always find them on 24/7.

Please stay safe, healthy, and blessed.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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