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Embrace Your Life

Greeting and Salutations,

I hope this post finds you well and in great spirits. It's Fall! Time to say goodbye to all the summer attire and put on a sweater. This last month on Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac, we've been talking about taking better care of yourself, starting with eating with purpose - not just putting food in your mouth but thinking about what you're eating. We also talked about balancing others' hidden agendas because everybody has their own personal goals. I really want us to stop and think about how to take better care of our mental and spiritual well being this holiday season. The whole purpose of us is to learn how to keep changing, growing, and learning from one another. We can't keep acting like things are just gonna be OK without any effort or maturity on our part. So, if you're reading this blog, then you want positive changes in your life. So let's start by doing our affirmations, getting our affirmation aromatherapy candles from Candle by Ari, and paying attention to ourselves. This seems so simple yet it's not. I remember being in yoga class and at the end we do what's called the Savasana or Corpse pose. Many students love doing the twist, balancing movements and bends in yoga, but when it comes to Savasana, it's all about the art of relaxing. Sounds so simple but it's considered to be one of the hardest poses in yoga. Hard because you are required to sit within yourself and be quiet with no movement. NO TALKING! Just breathing in and out, sorting through all the thoughts and emotions in your mind and body. The best part is by the time you get to this stage in your yoga practices, your mind and body are usually working together, so connecting with yourself should not be hard - but it can be. Just to sit still and listen to all those thoughts and emotions can truly change you from the inside. I have seen so many people come into class in one condition and leave class in a much better mental place. Well, guess what - you don't have to do all the yoga moves to get into your own Savasana! You can set yourself up everyday to have that moment with affirmation aromatherapy candles from Candles By Ari. Each candle has been designed with a special affirmation along with scents to bring your mind into that feeling of relaxing.

The art of relaxation can be achieved by using any of the candles we offer but I want to recommend the Sage Lavender to help you get started. This candle was designed when I was just getting started making aromatherapy scents for my client who had a great deal of stress and didn't know how to slow down. When I first started making candles, I was making scents that I felt would help my clients calm down. I would wear my own signature scents when I was in session and was always asked what scent was I wearing. Then one of my clients asked me to make her some. I did and that's how Candles By Ari was born. My goal has always been to bring light both in candles and spiritual positive energy to this world. I knew if people could just see the power of the spoken word that they could take control of their minds. That if you would have a choice you would choose better things for yourself, right? Well, over the years I started hand making soy based candles. This all began with me coaching my client and realizing they need some extra special light to keep them focused on what truly matters to them.

Holidays are coming and I am so looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Are you ready for the holidays? Don't worry, we got you covered. Check out the coco brown eucalyptus special candles we have featured this month on the site.

Fun Fact: this was designed for one of my male clients with sinus issues. He wanted a strong scent to motivate him to stay on track to hit his personal goals. Eucalyptus is not for everyone - this is a strong scent! But it does help keep your sinuses open. He loved it and ordered some for his groomsmen. I was surprised at how much he enjoyed having his customized scent. So we refer to it as the Motivator! Keep your scent moving...

Because all of my candles are hand poured, you can feel the difference when you light it up. There's something about the human touch that no machine can replicate.

We started up our group meditations last month on Zoom. I've got to tell you - we had a great time. We will be having another class this month on: Sunday, November 21st at 5 pm on Zoom. Please join us and get your mind the Savasana it deserves. Go to to register - spaces are limited!

I am also including links to this past month's podcasts:

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Take a listen and use the affirmations. Let me know how they are working for you. Email me back here at

I know the shift the world has been dealing with is a lot but you know what I'm about to say - YOU GOT THIS!

Embrace your good nature. Embrace what you love and don't spend time worrying about things you can not change. Use the affirmations from the podcast. Write them down and listen to what you are saying. Think about where you want to be in your life and let's go together!

Don't forget we go live every Thursday at 2 pm PST on and all of our podcasts are available on 24/7.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

Spiritual Coach