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December 2022 Wow!

Greetings and Salutation,

It seems like yesterday that 2022 began and now here we are about to

put this year in the history books. I have learned a lot and am so

grateful for affirmations, my faith, and the fact that I have survived

one of the most challenging economic times in our most recent history.

Wow, that sums up how 2022 has been for me. Because of true faith in

my higher power and learning to trust my intuition I have seen more of

my clients reach more of their goals than ever before. It is amazing to me how

things can seem to be at their darkest yet somehow the spirit prevails

and something wonderful comes from all the pain and challenges.

I want to take this time and welcome new subscribers to this blog and thank those who

have been with me from the beginning onward. Thank you for growing with me and

continuing this journey of life with an open mind & heart. Our mission for those who use CBA

is to inspire YOU to reach your goals. I have witnessed so many

people use our products and services to attain goals that they thought

were out of reach just from being honest with themselves and changing

the way they deal with life choices. Since that is where the magic

happens you know…” That moment you make a better choice for yourself that helps

move you in the direction you always dreamed of.” Affirmation

aromatherapy candles support that journey by creating that mental space to

hear what your truest desire is and listening to your heart on how to attain your goals.

We are ending the season with a huge raffle of some of my best selling

candles of the season. The cool part is that you still have time to

enter the drawing by ordering one of these packages to be entered

into the drawing! I will even throw in NO Shipping if you send

payment via Venmo to @Candlesbyari