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December 2022 Wow!

Greetings and Salutation,

It seems like yesterday that 2022 began and now here we are about to

put this year in the history books. I have learned a lot and am so

grateful for affirmations, my faith, and the fact that I have survived

one of the most challenging economic times in our most recent history.

Wow, that sums up how 2022 has been for me. Because of true faith in

my higher power and learning to trust my intuition I have seen more of

my clients reach more of their goals than ever before. It is amazing to me how

things can seem to be at their darkest yet somehow the spirit prevails

and something wonderful comes from all the pain and challenges.

I want to take this time and welcome new subscribers to this blog and thank those who

have been with me from the beginning onward. Thank you for growing with me and

continuing this journey of life with an open mind & heart. Our mission for those who use CBA

is to inspire YOU to reach your goals. I have witnessed so many

people use our products and services to attain goals that they thought

were out of reach just from being honest with themselves and changing

the way they deal with life choices. Since that is where the magic

happens you know…” That moment you make a better choice for yourself that helps

move you in the direction you always dreamed of.” Affirmation

aromatherapy candles support that journey by creating that mental space to

hear what your truest desire is and listening to your heart on how to attain your goals.

We are ending the season with a huge raffle of some of my best selling

candles of the season. The cool part is that you still have time to

enter the drawing by ordering one of these packages to be entered

into the drawing! I will even throw in NO Shipping if you send

payment via Venmo to @Candlesbyari

I wanted to keep things simple and easy moving into 2023 so I have decided to make the featured candle the same color and fragrance as the one for the program. Let me explain: The Subkit program is a monthly subscription that allows you to receive (2) 8 oz custom candles and a pass to (1) monthly group guided meditation class on Zoom with me!.

Normally that would cost over $60.00!

However, we are bundling the items and giving them to you at a great price of only $49.99!

I designed the program for those we are on a budget but need to have a

monthly fresh supply of affirmation aromatherapy candles along with a

full meditation session to reinforce the growth and enhance their

personal journey to their goals. This program is the best beginner

package for only $49.99 a month.

For CBA I wanted you to also have a chance to receive that kind of candle so I am making the monthly featured candle at CBA a 16 oz version of the for only $25.00 a month plus shipping and handling. That normally is at a $35.00 candle, and you are saving $10.00!! Candles By Ari, Inc is the perfect way to light up your life! Our Lavender Sage and Canary Yellow in Lemon Verbena candles will fill any room with a beautiful, vibrant scent. We call it the Personal Communicator Candle, it's also adopted the nicknamed The Laker candle because of the similar colors of my hometown NBA team The Lakers. The combination of these two powerful fragrances will create an atmosphere that's calming and energizing at the same time. But wait, there's even more! Each candle not only has a delightful aroma, but also comes with a personal affirmation included inside so that you can use it as a tool for personal growth. Light up a Candles by Ari candle and watch your hopes and dreams become reality! As we start the new year off I am putting together new classes such as the color and Fragrance class online. I love teaching folks how to use basic colors and scent to keep their mind and body in balance. We listened to you requests to bring the Colors & Fragrance class to our online viewers and will get started doing just that at the top of the year!

Mars is going into retrograde until January 13th, 2023, so I would suggest putting into action long range goals and spending some time evaluating what you really want to see happen in your life for the upcoming year. I will talk more about this on my weekly podcast. You know the one… Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. We go live at 2 pm PST & you can call in on

Thursday when we are live on at 818-570-k4hd & Facebook.

So, join the community and let me know how these

affirmation aromatherapy candles are working in your life.

Here is one of my latest shows:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! May your days be merry and bright. And, most importantly, may your growth continue to show in all areas of your life. As always, please reach out to me if you need any help or just want someone to talk to. I'm here for you. Until next time, stay positive and order some candles! Follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter @Candlesbyari Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. Love and Light, Ari Mac President

Candles By Ari, Inc,

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