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Dads and Grads

Greetings and Salutations,

What a busy, busy month!

Starting the month off with a major graduation for my daughter. Let me tell you, with everything that happened with the pandemic, this was a welcomed celebration. l have a great deal of respect for these graduating seniors. The mental endurance that we have had to manage while dealing with the pandemic was amazing. When I was in high school I thought my senior year sucked but these kids truly got the raw end of the deal.

Candles by Ari is growing and that includes my media content. If you have not gotten a chance, please subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac - YouTube

I can tell you that anyone that is on my list of subscribers will be invited to my live broadcast which includes Zoom, YouTube and Facebook Live. This will be an addition outside of the weekly podcast. What I want to build is a network of people who want to move in a positive direction using my products and services. The pandemic made me reevaluate how I am presenting myself and these platforms will be my new way of reaching those folks who truly need my work. I have been working with clients for over 20 years so I know my formula works but I am going to need your help in spreading the word. Think of it this way: mental health is important as a part of a healthy lifestyle. How many of us have been taught how to take care of our minds and bodies? I am here to inspire you to think about what affirmation you are saying to yourself. Are you saying crazy shit then wonder why your world is going to crap? When you get up in the morning what are the first things you do to start your day? Brush your teeth, grab some coffee? What about your mindset? Have you ever used positive thinking to start your day?

The affirmation aromatherapy candles work to create a positive mindset by just taking a few moments to breathe and tune into yourself. I know that sounds very simple but it is not as simple as it seems. Working to steady your mind and maintain a positive outlook takes practice and a good sense of humor. So that is where we come in at CBA. We offer affirmations aromatherapy candles with affirmations that have worked for my clients for years. We offer a weekly podcast which goes over many astrology notes and shares stories of inspirational scenarios. Our classes will be starting back up very soon using Zoom. And don't forget our affirmation journaling book available on Amazon. You can even set up a one on one session with me over the phone or zoom. Check out all of my resources here:

There are so many ways for you to reach me so you don't have to feel you are all by yourself. If no one else has said it to you today - I want you to know I LOVE YOU!!! I am thankful you are reading this blog right now.

The program is a SaaS (Software as a service!) and it provides you, my lovely clients, with an opportunity to receive my custom astrology candle combo each month and a mini pre-recorded guided meditation.

For only $49.99 a month, you get candles like this one delivered to your home of office:

After all my years of developing colors and fragrances, along with affirmations, I have discovered the candle combinations that have helped me, my family, and clients succeed in moving toward our goals. I am so excited to be able to bring these monthly candle colors and fragrances that I usually reserve for my private custom candle orders to everyone! You see, these are one of a kind candles that are made by me only during the month that connects to positive energy that is around us. We need to be reminded of how blessed we truly are for we have so many things to be thankful for. That's the main theme: peace at an affordable price!

So go ahead and hit that subscribe button so you can keep your mind and spirit in a good space. You know you are worth it!!

Once again, I want to say a big congratulations to our first annual Dapper Dad awardee. This year's winner, Eddie Mattaden, was the perfect choice. Check out his acceptance on both the podcast and YouTube.

This was such a joy that we will be giving away another award next month so look for that announcement very soon!

I want to say thank you for all of your support over the years and I am looking forward to many good times ahead.

My job is to spread light so please share this blog with someone you know. Let's try to keep love moving all around this lovely planet we call Earth!

Remember I go live on Thursday at 2 pm PST on with my podcast Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. You can call in at 818-570-K4HD.

All podcasts are available at 24/7 so don't worry if you miss the live show.

Stay Blessed

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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