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Come see me this weekend!

Greetings and Salutation,

I am so excited! I am actually going to be out doing two live shows this week in NoHo and Burbank. It's been over 8 years since I have done a live show and I have to say I am pumped!! On Friday, September 30th, I will be at Burbank Family Pride Nite from 6pm-9pm. It is located at 3000 Magnolia blvd in Burbank, California.

Then on Saturday, October 1st, I will be in North Hollywood for the 2022 Los Angeles Candle Fair located at 6863 Beck ave from 10 am to 3 pm pm.

Both of these events will have food, music, and lots of fun!!

Then on Sunday, October 2nd at 3 pm is our monthly Mindful Guided Meditations class! So, for those of you who need to see me and smell the candles, here are your opportunities! Come see me, ask me questions about candles and meditations, and hang out for a bit!

I am also bringing some of the Subkit subscription candles for October with me. Starting next month, I will be changing the program from having a mini meditation emailed to you to an admission to a Mindful Meditation class! That way everyone can use the candles and meditate with me each month. Next month, I am going to give you Grounded Love.

These custom candles are normally a $70 value, but subscribe to our monthly Subkit and you get them for only $49.99 along with an admission to a Mindful Meditation class. What a great deal!

Come out and see me! Show me some love!!!

See ya this weekend.

Love and light,

Ari Mac

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