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Affirmations Your Way

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Greetings and Salutations,

I pray that you are doing well and in good health. We have a lot to go on right now and the best thing you can do for your sanity is to make sure you are using the affirmations that I include in each podcast. Listen, I know life is in full effect and you can overlook your emotional needs, but based on what I am seeing in astrology, I think the best offense is a good defense. We have now entered the Virgo time of the year! Happy Birthday Viggies! You are the most dutiful of all the astrology signs. I have a great respect for your work ethic and the way you can inspire others is just amazing. Of course, I am talking about a mature Virgo, not an immature one! Like all things, there are highs and lows to each sign. The one thing the pandemic has taught us is that we truly need one another for more than just business. We need that human touch, that conversation, and that need to be needed. Now that is a huge one!!!! Having a purpose in life is so much bigger than we want to admit. Knowing that your energy is needed makes us feel alive and that sense of purpose can be tapped into anytime with affirmation. Yep, it's that simple. Your life choices are all in your hands. No one person can truly control you unless you let them.

One of the things that make me sad is when I see folks do everything but take care of themselves. They will stay up late doing laundry, bust their ass to pay a bill, or get their kids to school on time but put no time into taking care of themselves. Guys, based on what is going on, we can no longer afford to overlook our own health, both mental and physical. It just doesn't work long term. So, my suggestion is to find an affirmation that really resonates with you. Write it down, record it on your smartphone, hell, write it on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror! Find a way to make your mind focus on you for a moment. This will help you center your thoughts and feelings. Doesn't take a great deal of time, just 10 minutes a day, but the pay off is so enormous.

Let me tell you the story of one of my folks who came to me for help to connect to her higher power. We will call her Denise. Denise worked in finance and worked very long hours. She never paid much attention to her emotional or spiritual well being. When we started working together, all she wanted was to meet a nice man and have a boyfriend. Denise didn't really think too much of the affirmation she said to herself. Denise remembers her mother always saying to her men were her downfall. So, unconsciously, Denise had a program in her head about the opposite sex not supporting her. Well, she didn't realize how much that way of thinking was affecting her until she wanted to get into a relationship. We had to make several affirmations for her to realize that the man of her dreams was standing right in front of her. She had to accept that he was not giving her trouble; she was expecting it and looked for it with everything he did. When she finally realized what she had been doing, it was like a made for tv movie. She started working toward what she wanted. She started sharing with her man and future husband. She affirmed she didn't give up and she eventually attained her goal.

You can do it too...just don't give up on yourself. Make a point to treat yourself right. Take a listen to my precious time episode:

Spiritual Coaching w/ Ari Mac | iHeartRadio

Time is precious, don't waste it on being silly. Taking care of yourself will only make you a better you. Which would make your world brighter because you are happy on the inside.

We here at Candles By Ari are committed to helping you find your way with affirmations aromatherapy candles. I know that sounds like a mouth full, but it's simply finding that color and scent that centers your mind and body. That affirmation that resonates with your very being. A thought that could help you see things in a better light when everything is dark. Let's face it, we got a lot to be grateful for but you have to make that choice everyday to be THANKFUL!!!

This month’s special is the Colony Blue candle at These candles have the blessing of sandalwood and my special blend of fragrances that will make anyone relax for a bit.

As always, we go live on Thursdays on and you can call in with questions on 818-570-k4hd.

Do you have a subject you would like me to talk about? I am open for suggestions for fall season show topics! So if you have a metaphysical question, please shoot it to me here at

Please be safe while we are working on recovering from this pandemic. I know we have a ways to go, but it starts by us all being responsible and wearing our masks in public settings. In private, as long as you feel you are in a safe place, then the choice is yours. And if you do not want to be vaccinated, please let others know so they can make a choice on their health and safety. Be considerate of one another please...I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac