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Healthy Eating

Greeting and Salutation,

I am sending you much love and light while I am writing this very special blog post. I wanted to start by thanking you guys for all of your support during the closure of CBA and now we are reopened. Yes, these are days of uncertainty but when you really stop and think about it, has anything ever been a sure thing? Ya, we may have some routines (which we really love) but no day is ever promised and that is why I believe affirming what you want right now in your life is the best way to live life to its fullest. As you know, I believe if you have good health as a foundation in your life then you are truly a rich being.

Think about it: when you don't feel good, nothing around you seems to work. So taking care of your body all starts with the fuel you put in your body. Let's talk about food for a bit. Now be honest - how many meals do you eat a day? Come on, how many times do you wait until you are so hungry that you will eat just about anything? And if you do eat, how many of those meals would you consider good for your body. Remember, food is fuel and just like a car if you don't put anything in it, your car will not operate at top level. Here is the sad part: our bodies are designed to put up with a lot of abuse. I am talking about not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, not drinking enough water, and of course, having a very poor diet. The good news is that we can change these habits at any time. Yep, you can start changing your way today. There is plenty of information about nutrition on the market but I want to focus today on simple easy foods that you can make at home with little preparation. This last month, my podcast has been sharing recipes from my personal collections and some call ins from some of my favorite listeners. Check this episode out: In the episode, we had several callers and one of my friends, Heidi B., called in to share her taco soup recipe. Heidi even gave me the recipe to share with all of you. Here ya go: Speaking with Heidi was a highlight for me. Her home recently was destroyed in a fire. She lost just about everything she owned. She and her husband have worked with me at the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) for many years. She has been truly the example of Grace Under Fire. Her and her family have given to our communities in more ways than meets the eye. I know for a fact that they have helped many kids in our area get better programs with our public school system and that is why I ask you to help me give back to her and her family's gofundme; even $5 could help. If we all give a little bit, it adds up to a lot. That person we all help can breathe a little bit more and eventually get strong enough to be on their own. Here is the link and I thank you in advance for all of your support to the loving family:

And lastly please take care of yourself. I have always said it's important that you get enough sleep because it's important in so many ways. Here is link from a article that I think helps break down the why sleep is so important: All I want is for everyone who reads this blog or follows me on any of my social media is to feel a little bit more positive then before you read my positive words of encouragement. Please take care of yourself and stay centered. Love and Light, Ari Mac

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