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Opening Up To The New

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope this message finds you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. As you can see from the world news feeds, we are not going back into our regular scheduled school year. We also have some major shifts coming in astrology with Jupiter moving into Aquarius later this year. I feel that this next shift in astrology will help support humanity in a universal way. Meaning, as individuals, we have to learn how to work as a team. So I ask you to start looking into where you can help (money or time or both) or give some positive energy. This is our world - notice I said OUR world - not yours, not mine, but OUR world.

No one thought we would still be dealing with this pandemic situation this long but here we are! For the first time in decades, school will not be back in session as usual and this is going to literally change our lives forever. All the normal traditions have to be changed to being online with social distance of course and there will be long term positive outcomes but will have to deal with the process of implementation and all the growing pain that comes with it. Businesses that survive on school traffic will not have that coming revenue this season. My local pizza guy has always been a huge supporter of all of my schools in my area and I still go by and pick up a pie at least twice a month. We talked and I asked him how he was doing with school traffic being on shutdown basically and he said "I would rather have a slow down in business then to hear that one of those children dies from this Covid stuff." Tears came to his eyes because he saw what's going on. Breaks my heart that his business is suffering but he knows it's for the greater good.

You also have to remember the students who are making the sacrifices to stay home because of family members. One of my best friends' daughter decided to take her dance classes online with Zoom. The school started off with everyone using Zoom, but the studio opened up to small live classes and allow students to go back into class. But my friend's daughter had decided not to go to class because she didn't want to expose her mother to this deadly disease. Instead she stays home but guess what? No one else is taking zoom but her and maybe one other student and now she isn’t being as included with her classmates because she is not there in person. This is so unfair to this lovely young lady who is doing the right thing for her family. Hearing that kind of generosity in her spirit - WOW! I know her family understands why but you know what it still sucks!! So we talk it out and do our very best to help support her choice and the choice that her class is making. Not easy, guys, and I know in the future everything will work itself out but, DAMN, hearing that is what makes it so important for all of us to make a choice to get involved instead of just sitting on the sideline. It's time to help bridge that gap and help in some positive way to be becoming a part of your community. Join in on Zoom classes, ask questions to your public officials on what their plans are, and make sure you are registered and VOTE this November. Please use safe distance practices - when in public, wear a mask to keep all of us safe.

We have another shift in astrology later this year with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, moving into Aquarius which represents humanities. Aquarius represents the element of air and is the only fixed sign in the air trilogy. When the planet Uranus was discovered, we also discovered how to use electricity. So you know this is going to be another shift especially in electrical let's say like the internet growing into an even bigger part of our daily lives.

Because we are all using the internet way more than normal, I do expect some positive shift in service and for connectivity to get even better. This will start happening around late October/early November of this year. Jupiter will be in Aquarius by December 19 so I think this is going to be a very interesting and special holiday season.

I will be dedicating an episode of my podcast to Jupiter moving in Aquarius so make sure you subscribe at so you can be notified when my new episodes drop. In the meantime, take a listen to this episode about having to use the Faith of a Mustard seed:

Affirmation and aromatherapy works but, of course, you have to do the work. That is saying the affirmations and finding that scent that keeps you balanced on the inside.

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I will be doing more 5 min guided group world meditation sessions. It's time for us to use the strongest muscle in our bodies to heal our world and we can do that with guided group mediations. I will be doing a weekly 5-minute free group session just to heal us as a people. I will also be doing Zoom weekly guided group mediations classes to help keep your spirit from feeling out of sorts.

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So please stay positive and choose to be grateful with all the blessings you do have in your life. Don't let the outside world make you forget your inside blessings. And if you can send me and my family some positive energy, I would greatly appreciate it.

Stay blessed, healthy, and safe!

Love and Light,

Ari Mac