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Courageous Conversations

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope you are in good health and doing fine. So far, this has been a hell of a year and we are just at the half way point. So, I want you all to really pay attention to the blessings, not just the challenges ,that this time is giving us. We now have time to think about and prepare for those courageous conversations we will be going into as time goes by.

You know the conversation. Gently reminding the person standing behind you at the grocery store to stay 6 feet away because of the Covid-19 virus. Or to have to wear masks to see old friends - not because you don't trust them but you just don't want to take any chances with your family's health right now. I have been getting reports from some of my people about feeling very uncomfortable about asking or having to enforce social distancing rules without hurting someone's feelings. This takes courage to talk about but it's important that you make those healthy choices and stick to them for YOU!!! See, Mercury, the planet of communications, is doing another retrograde and that is why we have to go back over some lessons again!!! Thinking about the climate of the world is a bit overwhelming, so let's focus on you and how to make your world a better place.

And last week's episode was all about courageous conversations during this time. Listen here:

But let's start with your paying attention to the conversations you are having with yourself. What have you been affirming to? I ask that you affirm with me FOR you to see how to be a happy within your soul. That you can make a choice to be a part of a positive solution to what is not working in your life. If you need a little inspiration, check out this podcast from this month's library: Aromatherapy is so good for you and I hope you are exploring/finding a special scent to remind you of how blessed your life truly is. Take the scent of roses - it's a very sweet light fragrance that we are so familiar with yet do not realize how much if affects our mood. When I was a child, my neighborhood was full of flowers in everyone's yards and houses. You could smell roses from Mrs Borden's house or sweet lilacs from Ms Claudia Mae's. Those scents still make me feel like I am back home in Texas every time I smell them. Do you have a scent that brings up a memory like that for you? If not, let that be a goal to find your signature scent. So here is your challenge for the month of July - find your signature scent! The scent that makes you smile on the inside. Start by going to your local flower store or take a walk in a nice area where flowers are growing. Remember the old saying about stopping and smelling the roses? Well, that is exactly what I would challenge you to do! Stop and smell the sweet flowers in your local area. Here at CBA we have our own signature colors and scents that have worked for my clients over the years. Take a look at our colors meaning link: for some help to get you started. If you have questions please feel free to email me at And could you please like my page on Facebook & Instagram?

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We are live on Thursdays at 2 pm PST on with Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac so put your notifications on now. If you do miss the live show, you can always find recordings on Takes courage to change but you can do it. Just make your mind up and go for it. I will be here cheering you on! Love and Light, Ari Mac

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