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Greetings and Salutations,

I hope these notes find you well and in good spirits. It's taken me a little more time to write this month's blog because it's been a very challenging time with the pandemic, the stay-at-home order, and now the reopening process. It was already stressful enough then we had to witness the video of the arrest of George Floyd. I have to tell you I did cry. Watching it made me literally sick to my stomach. Even now as I am writing this blog I am hearing on the TV that protesting is still going on all over the world because we know that this was not right. I am asking you all to join with me in praying for light to shine on this situation and truth come clear. If you can burn a white candle for the next week or so, that would help keep the positive energy going to his family. If you have not been listening to the last few episodes of my Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac podcast live, don't worry! You can catch up and I will include a few episodes in this post below. It's so important, especially now, that we don't let negativity define us. We can't allow our anger to drive us to make poor ass choices! If you can take a few steps back and look at the overall situation, even for just a few moment, you may find a better way to handle yourself. For example, if you find yourself getting angry about what's going on in your life, instead, use that energy and go for a walk or call a friend who you trust and can really talk to. Don't just stay in negativity - CHOOSE to use that energy to do something good for your life. Seems so easy, but yet that is the true challenge of being human. We are emotional creatures who are ruled by what we feel, even if it's wrong. Wow, that make us extremely dangerous if we don't use our higher power to make better choices! And I am talking simple choices like paying attention to what is going on in your hood. Stop to checking on the local parks, recreation areas, and local food banks. You don't have to go way out of your comfort zone because you can also check in on the Internet. Sign up for local information websites to stay informed as to what is going on in our city, state and local affairs. We have to take more accountability starting with ourselves. The police and other civic leaders need our support to help manage all the recent turn of events and we got to be a part of the solutions and join in were you can. Check out this episode and share it with friends: Everything is changing and we all have to develop new routines just to go outside. I am going to be reopening my candle production very soon but with lots of new changes. I have to say, not having supplies to make my candles had me feeling out of sorts. I have been making candles for over 17 years. I have not used another brand of candle supplies during that whole time and for the first time I was running low on my own supply of candles. What a wake up call! I was having a major anxiety because aromatherapy has helped me for years fall asleep at night and helped me chill out in the evening after I am done for the day. So, you see, for me this has been a huge part of my day to day routine. But I am happy to say my suppliers are back and we are working out new routines so I can get back to candles sometime very soon!

I also wanted to ask if you would like to do a weekly group guided meditation class on Zoom with me? I am working out the details now but looks like I will be hosting a weekly class on health, wealth, love, and perfect self expression. It's fun to have group mediations with everyone focused on one goal! We have so much power in our spoken words and that is why I really encourage you to use your affirmations everyday. Even if things are not going well, they will get better but it all starts in your mind. How are you doing with your affirmations? Don't worry, you can start doing them right now. Take a listen to this episode of Spiritual Coaching with me:

This month I am recommending Lavender everything! Lavender flowers, lavender drinks, and even lavender ice cream!!! Use the color to cheer up a room or your office or, better yet, give some flowers to someone you know that could use positive energy. The Lavender Sage scented candle that is also in the color of lavender has been my signature everything since I fell in love with it. How can you beat it? It's a color, fragrance, and herb - this is one of those gifts from nature that keeps on giving. I can't wait till I am back making those on a weekly basis!

As always, please feel free to write me with your suggestions and insights. I do enjoy hearing how the affirmations have been working for you. Remember to breathe and take a deep breath before you speak, especially if you are upset. Mark your calendar that Spiritual Coaching is Live every Thursday at 2pm PST on and all 300 show are available 24/7 at Please take care of yourself and don't forget to let me know if you want to join in on weekly mediations. Love and Light Ari Mac

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