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Putting Yourself First

Greeting and Salutations,

This has been a very busy month. First, February is a short month with only 28 days - but this is Leap Year so we got 29 days! So, of course it's packed from beginning to end with Presidents' Day, Black History Month, and Valentine's Day. Add in Mercury retrograde, personal birthdays, and, of course, my regular schedule, and you have a busy ass month! That is why I wanted this month's shows to be dedicated to us staying true to ourselves.

Check out this month's candle:

Ruby Red Courage Candle in Rose - It's like have a bouquet of roses inside of a candle! We can always make ourselves smell loved.

Candles By Ari also received the Best of Culver City - 2020 Candle Store of the Year from Culver City, California.

What a nice honor but I could not do this without your support!

So, now it's your turn: If you email back to me about how this month has been for you, I will send you a code for a discount in March on Candles By Ari products.

We have covered Intentions, putting the time in, and mind-body connection this month on the Spiritual Life Coaching with Ari Mac podcast and I would ask that you guys take the time to listen. Putting information into use is going to be the next month's theme.

In the last few months, I got to travel on a few planes and the thing that stuck out in my mind was the fact the stewards on the plane all said the same thing..."in the case of a emergency, please place the oxygen mask on YOU first, then help your children." How many of us would really follow those instructions? Most would think they were doing their kids a disservice if they did not take care of them first, but the truth is IF you do not take care of yourself, you will not be around to help anyone in the future, including your kids. This really hit a nerve with me because I see it all the time. We don't take care of ourselves until we are forced to? Why? Why do we have to make this so hard on ourselves?

The affirmations that I give in my shows are there to help you no matter what the hell is going on. But you have to use them for them to work for you. So below you will find the link to a few of the shows that I have mentioned. Take a listen while you are driving or just cleaning the house.


You know we are in the flow of life, which means nothing stays the same. I believe if we can honor those changes, we can avoid feeling like we missed out or didn't do what we wanted to do. But for this to happen we have to own our portion of responsibilities. Taking care of your mind and body has got to be one of the main goals for us to continue our healthy journey in this thing called life.

I hope you take some of what I am sharing with your to heart. I love you guys and I want nothing but the best for you!

Stay blessed.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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