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Greetings and Salutations,

This year to me is all about Gratitude in your Attitude. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all being in the sign of Capricorn, this is a huge year for opportunities to grow. Of course, you will have to put the energy into what you are asking for in your life. That is why I love using affirmations along with aromatherapy candles to help remind me of what I need to do to keep myself on the right path. You have to use your mind to make the changes first and the best way to do that is to affirm positive words in your daily life. It may seem very simple but that is why it works. If you can tap into the power of your mind and your spoken word then you are truly rich. Nothing can stand in your way because your mind will work to find a way to move toward what you want in your life.

I do have a big change for my podcast Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. We have moved from Fridays at 1 pm to Thursday at 2 pm PST. I will still include the live stream on Facebook and will try to do a watch party on Fridays at my old time, but please make sure you keep that new day and time in mind. Here is a link to my show that will include some of the notes in this blog:

If you haven't done so yet, please get your new notebook for 2020. Just saying "2020" gets me all excited because this is truly a year of major transformational changes in my life and I hope in yours as well. The notebook just helps you keep affirmations, planning, and accountability to yourself and one of the most important things you can do is to take yourself seriously. Because your mind is growing everyday in some way, it's important that you give yourself permission to take care of your own needs as well. S

o get your notebook and start writing down your affirmations, hopes, and dreams. With all this Capricorn energy being in full effect most of this year, you really just need to stay on task. I know that seems hard but I promise once you get past all your old negative programming, you will be very pleased with what you have done for yourself.

To help you plan, here is when Mercury, planet of communications, will be in retrograde this year:

1. February 16 - March 9: Mercury will start in Pisces (until 4th of March) then go into Aquarius - should be a very emotional time.

2. June 18 - July 12 in Cancer: I would make sure my home life is set up nice.

3. October 13 - November 3: Mercury will start in Scorpio (until October 27th) then it will go into Libra - so be ready to uncover secrets about your partner that you will need to understand.

With Saturn sitting in Capricorn, these retrogrades will take on a more physical challenge but you will have the inner strength to overcome just about anything! Tell people what you need from them and give them either the chance to help you or to get out of your way. As long as you are honest with yourself, you should be fine.

Remember to set small goals to lay the foundations to reach your major goals. How do you eat a sandwich? You take small bites until you are full, right? Well the same goes with being happy. You have to decide that that is important to your well being then make it happen.

There are a lot of opportunities coming up for everyone but if you do not make better choices, you may miss the boat! So take a listen the episode I have included in this blog and get your NOTEBOOKS! Start taking yourself seriously and take better care of your mind and body.

I thank you for being you and know you have what it takes so LET'S DO THIS!

Love and Light,

Ari Mac