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Thanksgiving 2019

Greeting and Salutations,

I am so grateful this season to have my family, friends, and you! This has been a year of realization and change and I hope that you have been on the positive side of the changes in your life. Every week on "Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac", I create affirmations to help you affirm the positive thoughts needed to bring the positive energy we all need in our lives. But with change come many new choices. No one can control you but you and no one can take you into a dark state of mind unless you let them. So choice is your God-given right. You will sometimes see things in a certain way until more insight is given. Then you will learn to use that information to continue to grow in the direction you desire. Affirmations help set your mind up to receive that subtle change that starts with your attitude.

This holiday season, Candles By Ari was presented with Studio City's Candle Store of 2019! I have to tell you this surprised the hell out of me. Like everyone, I do my work and affirm everyday for the good/positive to come into my life. I know how life can change on a dime and I accept that by doing my affirmations, I am sending out the message to the universe that I would prefer the most positive outcome in all areas of my life. That I am accepting what I can not change and praying on the insight to have the courage to change that which I can. For the most part, if you are reading the blog then you are also looking for the courage to change that which you can change. This is why I created my line of affirmation aromatherapy candles at Candles By Ari.

This month we will be featuring the Sage Lavender Personal Power candle. With the end of the year coming to a close, I think it's important for you to take care of your mental state just as much as your physical state of being. Jupiter just moved into Capricorn and I anticipate this 2020 to be all about business and structure. Capricorn rules knees, joints, skeletal system, and teeth - basically the foundation is what the Goat takes care of. So with Capricorn moving in for the next year, it's a good time to start make some changes in the way you deal with your long terms choice especially in career and outward appearance.

This mean to take better care of your physical being or you will notice changes that you may not care for. Staying hydrated can help keep your body flowing so try to get in that 64 oz of water in a 24 hour window. That is reasonable and will help keep you on track coming into 2020. Can you make a positive statement to yourself to not just try to get your water intake but to DO IT like Nike says?

Here is the broadcast from Thanksgiving 2019 show:

And finally, "Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac" will be moving to a new day and time. We will be live on Thursdays at 2 pm PST starting now. So please update your notifications to our new day and time.

I am so grateful for everything that has been given and everything that is to come.

I pray that you receive nothing but joy and happiness this holiday season.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac