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Reorganizing Your 2019 Goals

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope this month's blog finds you well and in good health. As we approach the holidays, I wanted to go over some notes about reorganizing your goals for 2019. Let's face it - despite all of our efforts sometimes things do not go as planned. I can personally tell you that if you want to make changes, you have to stay open to the shifts and moves that are just a part of life's program. Speaking with my kid, always makes me realize how blessed I truly am. You see, I have the power of my mind and my spoken word. I can change my life direction if I CHOOSE to do so. Key Word: CHOOSE.

We have spent a lot this year affirming for positive health, wealth, love, and perfect self expression so now is the time to stop and do an inventory of how you have been progressing. This is not to make you feel bad, but to help you check in with yourself to see if what you are affirming for is working for you. So I would ask that you take a few hours out and look over your notebook for 2019 and look at your results. This is simple: take a sheet of paper along with your favorite pen or writing tool. Grab a drink of your choice to help you relax and look over all of your goals for 2019. Now I would add a Lemon Verbena Communications candle with this exercise because the aromatherapy would help you become clear and relaxed while you are reviewing your goals.

To purchase your own, go to:

The main reason I am asking you to review is because Mercury is going to start retrograding on October 31st and will not stop until November 20th and it's always best to review, reorganize, and relax during these interesting communication times. For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know it's not coincidence that things go a little wacky during Mercury retrograde. And we do have the science behind it to prove it. So, if you think things are a little off, most likely they are! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is also making it's way into the sign of Capricorn and this will help you feel more practical.

Take some time to listen to some of my older shows about retrograde. Here is one of my episodes from this month:

As we get close to the end of the year, it's the perfect time to plan our holiday budgets, travel plans, and over all holiday events/ideas. You know, it's pretty nice talking about plans and making plan with those you love.

I love hearing from you so do share with me some of your holiday pictures and joyful treats by using the hashtag #candlesbyari

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

Spiritual Life Coach

Affirmation Aromatherapy Candlemaker

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