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Mind Your Mindset

Greetings and salutations,

I have spent these last few weeks on my radio show talking about Mindset. It's so important to have a good mindset. The mind is the strongest muscle in the body. The body can not survive without the mind but the mind can survive without the body. That is some amazing power, but you have to learn how to direct your mind to where you want to be. And the only person to do this would be YOU!

So, let's start with the definition of mindset: The established set of attitudes held by someone.

That means that your mindset is really your personal attitude about yourself and those around you. We started the last month talking about putting your actions forward. Did you catch the show? If not, take a listen to this episode:

I gave out a pretty sweet affirmation in that one about what you are attracting and why. Take a listen - I am sure you will enjoy it.

The month also started off with Mercury being in retrograde so I recommend the Yellow Lemon Verbena candles because they help you work with communication issues. The canary yellow color makes our eye open up to see what is going on around you and the soy based candle has my signature scent of Lemon Verbena and special spices to give our nose a fresh smell of clean air. So you can take some deep breathes and count your blessings. If you are reading this article then your are BLESSED!!!! Just know that a trust your affirmations and your heart.

We have also been talking about the games we play with ourselves. It's like the story I tell about one of my friends who just started dating again. Boy does she need to work on her mindset! She had already made so many decisions about what a man was suppose to be before she met a man that I felt sorry for any man who would dare step toward her. We spent sometime talking and she realized she may not be ready to start dating.

Take a listen to this episode:

It takes time to achieve your goals but with affirmations, meditations, and aromatherapy I do believe you can and will attain your goals.

So let me hear from you! How are your affirmations working for you? What new things have you discovered from your journey?

Please remember to use the #candlesbyari when posting on social media so I can follow you and see what you are doing.

Please stay blessed and take care of yourself.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac