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Mindful Foods - Part 2

Greetings & Salutations,

I know it seems hard to stick to a diet, so I say don't "go on a diet". Instead, find a way to incorporate healthy foods into your current diet. Why not? Taking foods away from your diet only last for so long before you go back to what you really want, so don't make this a chore. Make this fun and add this second set of super foods into your daily routine (for the first set, check out my previous post "Mindful Foods - Part 1").

As your body is changing, you have to change the way you treat yourself. The body will let you know at some point that it doesn't like the way you have been treating it. So why not start today to prevent that from happening?

Start off small then build your way up to putting these suggested items somewhere on your menu on a weekly basis.

6. Walnuts

Great sources of minerals and antioxidants. Promotes a healthy gut by removing extra bacteria from the intestines. Keeps those pipes clean! You can add crushed or broken walnuts to just about any lettuce-based salad. By crushing them up, they can be used on top of any ice cream or yogurt to jazz up the flavor and texture. Hell, you can eat them raw as I do when I am on the road. They are easy to carry and eat if you get the already shelled at most grocery stores.

7. Blueberries

This is one of my favorite fruits to play with because you can put them into just about anything. I love the vibrant color because it reminds me I am eating something with life giving energy. They can be a little tart but with a little sugar or agave, they taste great. Blueberries help reduce damage to the DNA which helps prevent aging and cancer. You don't even need to cook it! They are already packaged by nature. Try adding a few blueberries to your morning breakfast or to a smoothie instead of having another cup of coffee. You will be glad you did!

8. Turmeric

I have to admit this was not one of my favorite spices a few years back. I had to really seek this one out and find a way to incorporate it into my regular diet but I am so happy I did. This stuff is great! The info in this graphic about it's health benefits inspired me to find new ways to use this unusual spice.

9. Rosemary

This is something that grows wild just about anywhere. I love Rosemary chicken on the grill! How many of us use this wonderful herb on a regular basis? It's so under appreciated. You can change that really easy. I love adding this to any salad. And I love it in breads! I even made a jam out of some fresh rosemary once with some friends - great way to bond and do something good for your body. Use the info below to grow healthier today.

10. Coconut oil

My Dad loved coconut oil and at first, I thought it was a little heavy but I soon started understand the method to my dad's cooking. My dad loved to cook. I am talking really heavy foods, but as he got older he made some major shifts in how he ate. I was very surprised but learned a lot from him without realizing it. The thing I like most about coconut oil is that it helps with good cholesterol which is why my Dad started using it. Below is a chart to help you on your journey.

This is the 2nd part in our series on mindful eating healthy. Here is our podcast episode on this topic so you can listen while you meal plan:

We are live every Friday at 1pm PST on and streaming live under Ari Mc Intyre on Facebook. If you can't tune in live, don't worry! You can always check out my podcast on or watch the recorded video on my Facebook.

I want you to do better with your time here on earth. We only get one shot at life so make every moment count. Laugh, love, and take care of yourself. And more importantly STAY BLESSED.

Don't forget to add the hashtag #candlesbyari to your social media posts so I can follow you on social media and check out how you are doing!

Love and light,

Ari Mac

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