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Mindful Foods - Part I

Greetings & Salutations,

Last month we focused on using mindful practices in our every day lives. I received some emails and calls regarding some of the topics we talked about on the show. There are so many choices these days available to us for self help and one of the things I really enjoy is watching folks use these practices to improve their worlds.

What is being Mindful?

It's a defined as a mental state achieved by the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique - example: breathing deeply.

I believe if you want to achieve this state you should make a conscious choice to make 10 minutes a day your Mindful time. It's easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone around you; Not thinking about eating till you are starving or not sleeping a full 8 hours at night because you choose to worry about things. We will take the time to pay car insurance every month but will not take the time to plan our eating, sleeping, or preparing for what our bodies need. The mind is the strongest part of the body but how many of you take the time to really tune into what your body is saying to you? So we began with choosing to take that time to listen to what we need to be happy on the inside. Listen to this episode to help you with suggestion on where to start:

The affirmation in that episode was very inspiring to me and I hope you use it to start your journey of discovering your needs.

Mindful Foods

I love to cook! Preparing meals is a part of my day to day routine and I enjoy knowing I am taking care of myself and my family. It does get tricky when I am on deadline but that is what a freezer was made for - leftovers! Let me tell you, if you spend the money on good food, you will feel it in your body. Now from time to time you do have to eat out. I am a In-N-Out burger girl, here on the west coast. It’s a damn good burger at a great price. (In the south it's all about the Whataburger.) But eating healthy doesn't have to cost a arm and leg. Most grocery stores offer hot meals or some pretty good prepared items at fair prices. Exploring your community for farmer's markets is also a great way to go from farm to table for a great price, as well. On one of my most recent shows, I picked the 10 brain foods that I have incorporated in my diet in the last few years. These foods have made a tremendous difference for me. I feel more energized, I am more focused, which then makes me more relaxed. Here is part 1 of my list:

1. Beets

Some folks only eat beets during the holidays but beets are great all the time. Preparing them can get a little challenging. Here is a link to a recipe I love to use in the summer:

It's easy and once prepared you can freeze and use later. A few beets go a long way. Find new ways to use them in your diet. They are chock full of minerals and vitamins that can help lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation in the joints and muscles, and improve athletic performance.

Another recipes I want to use is:

I would substitute the pistachios with walnuts just to add another super food. Be creative! Your body will thank you.

2. Broccoli

Everyone knows this is one of the best veggies. We use it all the time as a snack with cheese and crackers. Fairly inexpensive and easy to find in most places. I like the tops and only raw. I like putting them in salads, soups, and on top of seafood. Plus it adds a nice color to the plate.

It's a great source of vitamins K, C, and Folic acid, which help build collagen which forms body tissue and bones and aiding in the healing of cuts and wounds. Kids especially can benefit from this veggie!

3. Dark Chocolate

I love, Love, LOVE Chocolate! I will admit dark chocolate can be a little bitter but it's so good for you. I have discovered that shaving some dark chocolate over my drinks, salads and soups gave it a creamier texture. As for the love thing...yes chocolate can give you the same feeling as love but with more calories. Why do you think Valentine's Day is so popular? But it's also a great at increasing your blood flow and cognitive functions. Powerful source of antioxidants.

4. Salmon

My favorite fish ever! This is so good for you and so easy to prepare. It's full of rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids, a great source of protein, and helps your skin look great!!! I don't know about you, but I do not like skin break outs, so for me this is one of my secret weapons. I try to add it to my diet at least twice a month. It's best to use the center cut. I prefer mine without skin but will eat it anyway I can get it. It is known to help reduce brain fog and improve memory. We all can use a little more help in those areas, right?

Food is so important to our survival that I don't think most of us think about how important, until we need to eat. You can literally help improve your health just by eating more of the right foods.

5. Avocado

Also called the alligator pear, by my grandmother, it is creamy, rich and makes any meal a little richer. I know guacamole is what everyone usually thinks about when you think about an avocado, but it goes with just about everything. I like my avocado in the morning with eggs. My family uses it a butter on toast with breakfast. Just slice up a firm but soft enough avocado - you should be able to push your finger into it gently when an avocado is ripe enough to eat. But please do not go around beating up avocados at the store. If you don't trust yourself, than ask your local grocer to assist.

This month, our Lemon Verbena is the

candle of the month:

With sun being in Gemini the twins, you may want to talk too much this month so this candle helps you focus on what will be a benefit to you. If you have something special you would like to say, then this candle will help you find that balance between your heart and mind.

I will be continuing this blog in a part 2 next week. This is quite a bit of info!

Hope you share with all those you love.

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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