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Mercury Retrograde Fall Out

Greetings and Salutations,

Can you believe we have already ended our 1st quarter of the year? Time moves so fast and that is why it is so important to spend time doing the things you love. Taking care of yourself and the people you love can be overwhelming at time but that is why you are reading this newsletter (smile). Mercury just finished it's retrograde and I wanted go over with you a few things such as:

1. Retrograde Fall out

2. 1st quarter ending

3. Water intake

So let's start with Retrograde Fall Out - Mercury is the planet of communication and one of the closest planets to earth. So when Mercury goes against earth's gravity you better believe it has an effect on all of us. For example, you may have been forced to do the same tasks more than once. Emails were acting weird and your cell phones are also effected by this energy. But we need to have retrograde so that we can review what is going on in our lives. If you are honest with yourself, I am sure you also had some moments when you knew this is really beyond you. You have to accept that the universe is always working to answer your prayers but we do need to participate in the process. The main thing about a Mercury Retrograde is that it gives you a change to redeem yourself. Let go of the old and open yourself to something new. Fall out happens for 3-5 days with everything going forward again. So I hope you used this time to take in what you have learned during this fall out period. If nothing else just breathe because at least you do know there is a bigger picture going on here. Fall out is like the left over after dinner so are good bites and some not so good, but the point is you have some to eat. Take a listen to my show that talk about retrograde fall out:

Retrograde Fall Out

1st quarter is done so how was it for you? Just checking in! How has this year been treating you? How have you been treating yourself and the people in your life? If you are using your notebook then you should be checking off some of your short term goals by now. The most important thing is to check in with yourself so you can achieve your longer term goals as soon as possible. Time is moving but we can keep up with her by using our time wisely. Even if you have not been doing anything with a notebook, you can start right now. Sit down, grab a pen and paper, and start writing down what you used to dream about! Or what would you like to change about yourself. Start with short term easy goals. Put them where you can see them daily, use the affirmations and pay attention to yourself. Repeat affirmations daily until you see results. It's just that simple but you have got to put the work in and have a good attitude about change.

This month I am going to ask that you guys use the Red Courage candle to light up your life!

And lastly-Water-Water-Water-Are you drinking your recommended 64 oz a day? This is a subject that I really think is not being addressed at all in mainstream news. It may seem very simple but I have personally watched my friends not drink enough water. Folks who I know have medical challenges that water can truly help. It seems to me folks don't really understand how beneficial water can be to weight loss and mood swings. I know when I am not drinking enough, I feel it. Please guys it's really simple - DRINK YOUR WATER! Your body will thank you, I promise.

I plan on bring in more medical info about the effect water has on the body so look forward to some more discussion about this subject.

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Stay blessed!

Love and Light

Ari Mac