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The Giving Season

As we end 2018, I would like to extend the warmest holiday blessing to you and your family. This has been a very challenging year and I hope that these blog posts have helped support your spiritual growth. Change is always happening but during the holiday season you can slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labors. I recently was reminding by my daughter how much I used to enjoy baking. She remembers me in the kitchen making holiday goodies for our family and friends. She really made me stop and smell the roses. She reminded me that these are special times. So I asked my family and friends to set up time for us to have a few moments together. I asked my girlfriend to do a "baking day" so we could cook, eat, and talk. I ask my local family to set up time for a special dinner before the holidays get too crazy. And I baked a few items with my daughter so we could have that special moment once again. The point is to make time for those you love. It's priceless to collect pictures of times together and remember how good life truly can be. We here at CBA have been busy working to make great changes in the coming year. We will be moving more into the lifestyle category in additions to aromatherapy. If you can find connections with the right fragrances, affirmations, and staying true to yourself, then you are a truly rich person. Because you have learned how to work with yourself. You have learn what works and what does not work with you in the long run. Knowing yourself is MAJOR!!! Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of them all - Whitney sang it best:

Jupiter, the planet of higher learning, is in its natural sign of Sagittarius for the next year. I think we can expect more laws being changed, higher learning getting more support, and people wanting more freedom to express themselves. Here is a nice little exercise to help you see how Jupiter in Sag has affected you: I want you to think about what was going on in your life 12 years ago? That was the last time Jupiter was in Sag. For me it was major expansion for me and my family. My company was really taking off and I could work from home which was such a blessing because I had a 2 year old and a 6 year old and I was learning how to balance the two. My hubby was working in his chosen field and doing great and I decided that I wanted to expand my company but didn't know how. My classes were booked solid and client where calling in for candles and sessions. I have to say it was one of the best times of my life. With that said, I realized I am feeling that same blessed energy again. Use this time to stay true to you and your family life. Make sure you are telling those special people in your life how much you love them.

So how many of you guys have recently listened to the Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac show? I know you're busy but everything that I am sharing with you here, you can also listen to on my podcast. This year we have some special guests, events, and opportunities for us to connect and if you have ideas for a show please email me your idea! Just in case you have not heard the show, take a listen:

In the coming months, I would like to have more specific groups to help us all stay on task. Like for example:

A water group - This group would have be folks who want to improve their water intake. Water increase is a great way to lose weight and feel great.

This month I am recommending the Communications candle set:

It's a clean fresh scent that will keep you feel warm inside!

We have TWO guest bloggers this month!