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Accepting Compliments

Seems like it should be easy to accept a compliment, right? Someone says a positive affirmation about you and all you have to do is say "Thank you." Just accept and move on, right? Yet, that is not the way that we take them. We find fault with what is being said because of a few things:

1. We don't believe it's a true statement.

2. We don't trust the person who is giving the compliment.

3. And, according to a Google search: compliments can make people with low self-esteem feel uncomfortable because the compliment contradicts their own self view. In other words, receiving praise from others when we feel negative about ourselves elicits discomfort because it conflicts with our existing belief system!

The fact that a search on Google could be so accurate is amazing to me. It truly speaks to what is going on inside of us. We talked about it last month on Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. Check it out:

But here is the cool part - we can change the way we accept compliments starting today! Let's make a agreement starting today to let the love in. Let's practice saying "Thank you" and stop the urge to say anything that would take away from the positive affirmation that is being given.

Use this affirmation to reinforce your positive attitude:

I now listen to the compliments that are given to me and I say "Thank you". Under Grace in perfect way. And so it is!!

This month I am recommending the Red Courage and Determination candle, made with spicy Red current. If you listen to the podcast, we talk about this fragrance a little more. Holidays are gearing up and I want you to pay attention to yourself. Don't forget about you!

Change is the only thing that will happen no matter what, so let's affirm for what we want and create the change we want in this lifetime. Use your affirmations, buy your candle, and treat yourself right.

Love and light,

Ari Mac

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