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What's Your Support System?

Greeting and Salutations,

Wow, where did the summer go? I blinked my eye and it disappeared. I hope you did something to make positive memories. I have been thinking a lot about support systems in our lives. I know that I could not have survived this passed year with out my support system. Let's start off with this question: What is a support system?

Definition of support system: A network of people who provide and individual with practical or emotional support.

With all of the ups and downs that life has to offer, it's important that we create a support system to help us maintain our sanity during challenging times. Look, at some point we all have to deal with issues, whether we want to or not. We humans need one another. We need to be, to belong with our families, friends, and workmates.

My grandmother, Ruth La Rue, and me.

Here is a picture of me and my grandmother, Ruth La Rue. This lady taught me what a support system should look like. She had this way about making everyone around her feel safe. Like everything was going to be OK. She taught me how to pray and meditate and ask for what you want in life. Affirmations are positive statements to help you focus your energy on creating what you really want in your life.

Here is a excellent affirmation:

I NOW treat my body with the respect and love it deserves.

Under Grace in Perfect Way

And so it is!

Speak this with conviction. Believe you will from this moment forward treat your body with respect and love! That is not too hard to do? Or is it? If that feels too much, then try speaking in a positive about yourself for the next two days. Can you do it? This is a exercise I have used for many year with my clients and it has proven to show how people really feel about themselves deep inside.

As some may have noticed, Mercury, the planet of communication, was going backwards against the Earth's rotations. We call this a retrograde. The month of August started with Mercury going retrograde but good news it has now ended! Effects of the retrograde got me at times this month - maybe you can relate? I had to cancel two shows, wrote this blog two times (somehow I lost the first draft), and I just knew to leave early because traffic would be more challenging then usual. But I knew what was happening and so did a lot of folks. That's what paying attention, having a support system, and doing your affirmations creates: an environment around yourself to survive the madness.

This month, I recommend the Sage Lavender candle to deal with retrograde fall out. It always takes a few days for everything to move forward again.

My question is to you is this: do you have a support system? Do you have a network that you are a part of that would support you when you need it most?

One of the best ways to meet new positive people is to volunteer for a organization you believe in. That way you meet people who have some of the same interests as you. You get a chance to work together and get to know one another. It's a great give back for your community and it make you feel good inside!! Look around your community, I am sure a program or organization could use some help. And yes, this is for FREE! Go in willing to learn and then you can decide what works for you.

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Please do your affirmations, get your Sage Lavender candles, and treat yourself with respect and love.

Love and light,