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Spring Into You

Hello guys,

I hope you are enjoying this spring time weather we are having. It's been a very challenging time for me. My only brother died in November of last year and my father just passed away this last month. So as you can imagine it's been very difficult for me and my family. But because of our faith, I know that my loved ones are in a better place. You see, I understand the cycle of life - it's just hard living it sometimes. I am so blessed to have family and true friends who support and love me no matter what.

My only regret is that I have been really hurt by my brother's passing. He was my first friend and has been in my life since I was born. I never thought of a world without him. This past April 18th was his birthday and we had a tradition call "Shot Caller". It meant that on your birthday, he could call the shot and I would have to obey. Of course this was my brother's idea - Mr. Aries! Because he was in Texas, most of our weekly conversations were on the phone. So he would usually make me call different people we knew and tell them some crazy story about him just so he could listen to them trip. He was always the prankster! But he was also my protector and friend. I owe a lot of my self-esteem to his conversations about the male mind. My brother insight and love will leave a huge hole in my life, but I know he is one of my guardian angels watching over me now.

My Dad's passing hurts but I know that is the natural cycle of life. Parents should go before their least that feels natural to me. Dad helped me to make long term choices and decisions. He always pushed me to be the best at everything I do. So, for me, losing both of these special people has given me a whole new outlook on life. And that is why I am more committed than ever before to help my friends and clients gain the happiness they deserve through my company and my work.

We had a time change starting this month for my weekly podcast, Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac. We are still on every Friday but we have moved time to 1 pm instead of 12 noon PST. I also go live on Facebook when I do my regular show. Please share with family, friend and be my friend on Facebook to see the show.

This month's affirmation is:

I am a divine idea in the mind of my higher power. I am ready to shine! Under Grace in Perfect way! And so it is!

The affirmation aromatherapy candle that we make each month only works if you believe it will. If you have FAITH. I send much love to everyone who reads this and I want you to know CHANGE is happening now!

This month please use Yellow Communications candle...we need to learn how to connect to one another. TRUST ME WE WILL NEED IT!!

Please believe me when I say it's not easy making changes...but IF you are going to be true to you...then this is a lesson you MUST learn.

Love and light,

Ari Mac

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