2018 Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

January 29, 2018

Greeting and Salutations,


Listen up!  We have some major shifts this coming year. I can't break everything down to the finest point but I can give you a theme for each sign.  I will even give you a heads up for Mercury retrogrades!  Of course, if you want more info, please contact me to set up an appointment today.  I've made this as simple as I could for right now. Good Luck and let's make this a good year!!!


Aries - Finish what you start! Looks like June will be a major shift.


Taurus - Learn to trust yourself - you'll have challenges in October.


Gemini - Pick your partners carefully! Major retrograde March 22-April 14th, July 26th-August 18th, and November 17th-December 5th.


Cancer - Jupiter, sister sign of Scorpio, gives you the extra push - take the lead!


Leo - Time to take yourself seriously especially after your birthday.


Virgo - Retrograde days from Gemini apply to you as well, but I really need you to pay attention to the BIG picture.


Libra - Get rid of the player in your circle - you deserve better.


Scorpio - Jupiter is in your sun sign. Plan, commit, and execute your true goal!


Sagittarius - So sensitive. You will be wear your heart on your sleeve so better get used to it.


Capricorn - Be honest with yourself and stop acting like you don't need anybody!


Aquarius - Don't be taken advantage of - put you first!  


Pisces - Deal with your dreams coming true!


Love and Light,



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