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Dealing with Fear

Everyone has anxieties. It's a part of being human but it's how we react and deal with those emotions that can make a huge difference in our lives. This month, I had a chance to meet with folks who had never meditated before in their lives. It was quite interesting to me because I knew they would see a huge difference in how they were feeling. One lady who was having some medical challenges even fell asleep during session because she was so tired and stressed.

Sometimes we don't even realize how much stress we carry until we sit down and listen with our hearts.

To me, the real culprit behind all of our stress is fear. Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! We think we are very logical but, actually, we are very emotional creatures who crave attention and love on a daily basis. Dealing with your fears can help you find the balance within yourself. Meditation can help you do that by slowing down your nervous system so you can hear that small inner voice of courage that will help you move away from what is stressing you out. Or at least help you put things in prospective.

Another lady who thought meditation was just a bunch of bull also found herself going deep within and realizing she had been treated very badly but thought that was cool until she started meditation classes. Now she has lost a great amount of weight, got a better job, and moved up in many areas of her life.

When we do group meditation, I really do see the aura and energy around each one of my students.

Things they do not share with anyone can come up during these sessions. Just knowing that someone is there with you and you are not alone can be a huge opening when you are not accustomed to letting go. Just letting the flow of positive energy come in can be transformative!

The affirmations that I create give the subconscious mind direction. The act of affirming and mediating together will change your life. It gives you the personal power to connect to your higher power. All you have to do is try!

So here is my gift to all 1st time meditation people here in Los Angeles. I will now be giving free admission when space is available to folks who have never taking my class before! Yep, you are reading that correctly - for those who have never had the opportunity to meditate with me in group, you can try it for free with me when space is available in one of my group sessions. You now have no excuse! I will even give you an aromatherapy candle to help you stay on your path. Class size is limited, so look for info on dates and times coming up. I am also working on new products such as the Kundalini candles that will help focus your sexual energy in the direction you need. The new house blessing package brings true blessings to anyone who is in transition and when they move into a new spot. We are also offering a new candle fundraiser to non-profits who need to make money and find a way to help their community learn how to relax in the process.

I am very excited to have my weekly show - Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac - on and live streaming on Facebook every Friday at 12 noon PST. All show podcasts are also available on the network 24/7. We have more show topics in the works, so keep your eyes open for future info on website.

This month affirmations is:

I now open my heart to meditations. I am not alone and know that spirit is with me every step of the way. Under Grace in perfect way. And so it is!

This month's candle is my Sage & Lavender beauty. It's my signature color and fragrance! This is one of the most powerful candles I make. I have seen so many positive changes happen when folks use this candle, it is unreal. Get yours today at

We also have Priya Bradfield sharing her insight this month over on her blog called You Know Nothing, Mommy. Her latest post is about fear too - the fear of letting others see what's really going on in our lives - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why don't we share what goes wrong in our lives as easily as what's going right? Head on over there and keep on reading and opening your mind!

Love and Light,

Ari Mac

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