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Mental Health

I don't think most people realize how important it is to stay mentally healthy. When you grow up, you think you will master everything. Go to college, get your degree, and get a great job! Sounds so easy, right? But, what if you do all of those things and still are not happy? Well, that is where affirmations and being mental healthy comes in. You already do affirm for everything in your life, good or bad. TV, media, and just driving down the street all take some of your time, money, or both! So why not consciously make an effort to affirm for what you really want in your life? Affirmations work! That is why on our tall candles, we print various personal affirmations that have worked for many of my clients for many years. With Jupiter being in Libra, it's a time to call in help from those important people in our life. Those who just get what we are saying and love us no matter what. It's not easy but it's worth the rewards of being happy.

Try this affirmation: I am ready to follow my divine path, which includes health, wealth, love, and perfect self expression. Under grace in perfect way and so it is!!

Write it down 10 times every day for the next 30 days in a journal and let me know what happens! That's right for 30 days - perfect time is to start on November 1st - and report to me the results. What do you have to lose??

Featured candles for this month...any one of these will help you keep your balance...and with the holidays coming up, we will all need a little extra balance in our lives. Our candles make amazing and thoughtful gifts too!

Love and Light, Ari Mac Host of Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac Live every Friday on All Podcast available at

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