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Faith of a Mustard Seed

Sometimes, life can be very challenging and the only thing you have is your faith. Faith that you have the skills to get to where you need to be even if no one else believes in you. That is the importance of have a routine of faith. That comfort zone that you know you are doing all that you can to put forth the right energy to make what you want happen in your life. That is why I do what I do. Everyone needs that person who loves, respects, and supports them to help them reach their goals. As a spiritual life coach, I have the honor of watching my clients make positive changes in their lives because we work together to keep them focused on their goals.

I know affirmations work because even if you don't realize it, when you use affirmations, you are constantly believing in something in your life. Think about it. You hear it all the time. People say something like "No one listens to me" or "I am the last person to know anything". Well, those are affirmations, even though they are negative. These aren't things you want, by constantly saying it, you start to believe in those thoughts. Think, instead, about what you actually want and make a conscious effort to verbalize for what you need. Here is a great example:

Molly has a light bill due in two weeks. She works 40 hours usually a week but for the next few weeks, she will only be working 32 hours a week. She already has anxiety about how the extra hours will effect her paycheck. Molly has a choice, she can:

A. Spend the next two weeks worrying and not doing anything else, or

B. She can start focusing her mind on affirming what she can do with that extra time to make some extra money.

This is a real case so I can tell you the outcome. Not only did she find a second form of extra income, but Molly found a career doing something she loves and she makes good money doing it. The affirmation she used was: Forces of the Universe,

Hear my plea

Bless, guide, and aid me.

Under grace in a perfect way and so it is. This is one of my favorites because it show active faith and that is what you need. Take a look at the picture, I have put in this message today. It's a mustard seed. Look how tiny it is, compared to the human hand that is holding it. That is what I suggest you use as a measuring stick when you are having a bad time. That seed is so tiny, but that is what you need to focus your mind to find agood affirmations that make you feel good. Try it! What do you have to lose? So maybe you need a little more help to get the momentum going on your divine path. Well, I have a few classes that may help you keep yourself on track. I have a Mindful Meditation class that I have been doing for years. This class helps you reach into your super subconscious mind. The super subconscious mind is where we get the urge to eat, automatically to breathe, and, of course, when we are tired, to sleep. Imagine tapping into that area and guiding yourself to the thing you truly want in your life. I would suggest checking out one of my class if you need that extra help getting into your comfort zone. I do Mindful Meditation class twice a month at the RPM Studios in West Toluca Lake. Space is limited and these classes do sell out. RSVP for $15.00 and, only if I have space, it's $20.00 at the door.

I also teach a Color and Fragrance classes at General Wax in North Hollywood every 2 months. We just did our last class for that earlier this month and I have to say my students really took off. I wish someone would have explained to me how different colors and fragrances play such a huge effect on the human mind. This class is for those who want to learn how to find that perfect scent and color to match their personal needs. Once again, class size is limited and please contact General Wax at 818-765-5800 or me for more details.

Of course, I also do private sessions, one-on-one, on the phone as well. My private sessions break down what you need to help you to understand how to begin on our Divine Path.

This month, we are celebrating Leo and Virgo with the candle color of Yellow-Communications. I use Lemon Verbena in these candles because it truly opens up your third eye and stimulates conversation. This month with each order you will receive 2 votive candles as a extra gift. Take those with you to remind you that you are loved by Ari (smile).

I also need to inform you that we will be having a Mercury Retrograde in it's native sign of Virgo. The Sun and Jupiter will also be in Virgo, so this is going to be one of those times where you need to pay attentions to details but don't go overboard. Listen to what is being asked of you and ask questions, if you are not sure. Computers will act up, there will be delays in traffic, and over all, folks will feel like they are driving around with the breaks on. And they will be right.

But I will you in on a little secret. The best way to deal with a Retrograde energy is to Redo your closets, Reconnect with old friends, and Relax when you know things are not going the way you have planned.

See, I believe it's the Spirits way to Reboot us into another direction.

Mercury in Virgo is adaptable, systematic, stable, flexible, and exacting. Conversely, they can also be pessimistic, intolerant, sarcastic, critical, or whiny.

The retrograde begins on Tuesday, August 30th and ends on Wednesday, September 21st. So mark your calendars and try not to take this personally!

And, of course, tune into my weekly live show - Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac - at 12pm PST on and streaming live on my Facebook page @Ari Mc Intyre. We will definitely be sharing retrograde insight and letting you know that best way to deal with it.

Share my links, like my pages, and more importantly, know that I am sending you much love and light every night in my prayers.

Priya Bradfield, our contributing author this month, is sharing her take on faith in politics this month. A very timely message, don't you think? Check her blog post out here: Faith in Activism (or, in other words, Politics on the Internet)

You know where to reach me -

Love and light,

Ari Mac

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