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Why Not Now?


Being a mother, business woman, and friend take a great deal of time and patience. What I have noticed is

when I am not doing my affirmations, meditations, or yoga, I am out of sync. I am sure you guys can relate to

feeling out of sorts. It is as if you are not reaching the goals in life you want. That is when you have to ask

yourself ­ am I really affirming what I want in my life? Are you? Do you? And if not, why the hell not?

Let's face it ­ no one is going to hurt you like you. No one else is going to make you feel bad if you don't try to

improve your life. The only person you will be cheating is YOU!!! I have used affirmation and aromatherapy

exercise for years for myself and my clients. When we are doing our work on a consistent basis, we see

noticeable improvement in ourselves. How many of us wake up and say "Today I am not going to do any thing

to improve myself? I am going to put my job, family, and friends first. I don't need to think about my feelings as long as everyone else is happy around me!" Really, who says that?

But guess what? That is exactly what we end up doing. We let everything and everyone else take a priority

over what we need to do for ourselves. Just a few minutes a day to stop and check in with our mind and body

would turn this whole wide world around. Because you would be true to who you are and happy people usually are a joy to be around!

Getting caught up in everyone else’s lives but our own is easy to do but so hard to correct the longer it goes

on. We all dream of something we want to do. Whether it is something just for fun or to accomplish something in our lifetime. But the only way that will ever happen is if we make our spiritual self our top priority.

Here is an affirmations that has kept me sane no matter what:

Divine design has a plan. Divine design is at hand under Grace in a perfect way.

I like my affirmations to have rhythm like a song so I can keep saying them over and over again.

Take a walk for 20 minutes in a safe place. Hopefully a place that means something to you. Enjoy the you

time and think about what used to make you happy. Make an effort to put yourself first. Take the time to tune

in to yourself. Why not now?

This month's color is Purple! Royal purple was Cleopatra's favorite color and she used it to create an empire the likes of which the world has never seen again. Our purple candles at Candles by Ari have the scent of deep

rich plum berries. Get one to remind you of your royal place in this world!

Aromatherapy and affirmation doesn’t have to cost you a lot but can save your mind from undue stress from

overthinking your problems. Finding the balance will keep you from making poor choices that you might regret in the future.

Every Friday at noon on we go live with my show “Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac". We even go live on my Facebook page Ari Mc Intyre. Our goal is to entertain you and give you a little food for thought.

We will also be have a local event here in Los Angeles. I will be hosting a Mindful Meditations class on Sunday, July 24 at the RPM Studios in Toluca Lake. I am making special purple candles for this event and Loretta Mc Donald, aka "Water Lady”, will be there giving out Kagen water to all the students. Space is limited and pre­-sale tickets will be $15.00. Everything is on a first come first served basis.

Space will be $20.00 at the door, if space is still available.

Get ready ­- we have got a lot of positive changes coming up!

Love and Light,