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What's Your Divine Path?

We are at the halfway point of 2016 and it’s time we really focus on our Divine Path. I've talked about Divine Paths before in my notes to you. Do you remember? It's that path that makes you smile from the inside. Even with day to day responsibilities, you can still walk on your Divine Path. In fact, it’s more important to stay on your Divine Path as you go through the daily grind.

Let me give you an example of someone who is doing it. One of my clients, Fran, has always taken care of her family first. When she came to me, she was very depressed. But she knew she had a good life. Good health and, overall, a very fortunate life. But, something was missing. When I first met her, I noticed a sadness in her eyes. I always do an intake sheet with new clients and as I looked over hers, all I saw was that she was missing the ring of truth about what she was feeling. As we talked, and I let her explore why she came to me, she began to cry. She had not really talked to anyone about her feelings in a long time and she had a lot of bottled up emotions that needed to come out. She began to realize that she was always there for her family, her friends, and for church, but didn't feel like anyone was there for her.

As we began our spiritual journey together, Fran and I started exploring what she used to enjoy. What were those simple things in her life before that she didn’t do anymore because of all of her obligations to others in her life? To help her rediscover those simple things, we came up with some very positive affirmations for her to use everyday and I gave her a few exercises.

A few weeks later she had a major breakthrough! She had always wanted to paint with watercolors as a kid. Now, as a "grown up", she never thought about doing it because she was always so busy. Well, she got the burning desire to go by the art store one afternoon and it just so happens that a watercolor paint expert was there offering free help! Fran was blown away. How could she have picked that moment to go into that store and an expert in the field was there giving away free advice?! She, of course, stayed all afternoon picking his brain for suggestions for beginners. She even spent money she normally would never spend on some supplies.

Because she was using her affirmations and following her gut, she started watercolor painting for fun but also realized she was pretty dang good at it! She continues to paint to this day. She now understand that she had to find something that was just for her. Something to make HER happy.

The point is that she had to step outside of herself to find the thing that made her feel good. That is what your Divine Path is all about! It makes you feel good. This summer, I ask that you take some time out and find your Divine Path. Here is an affirmation to help you get started:

I, (state your name), open my heart to what I truly love and enjoy and that which bring me happiness. Under grace in a perfect way!

Simple, but effective. Try this for at least 5 minutes a day. Then, listen to your heart. Don't second guess yourself. Just try it! You have nothing to lose.

Now, I want to feature the candles that started me on my aromatherapy journey. These candles represent the scents my clients ask me for the most!

Money Opener-Prosperity Green. With notes of sandalwood, bring yourself clear balance about how you want to deal with money and prosperity.

Communication Clarifier-Yellow Verbena has sharp notes of lemon to make your throat and mind see clearly what you need to communicate.

​Lovely Love-Sweet Pea Pink. This one hits you with that sweet cotton candy love. The notes in the candle is to remind you that love is sweet and light.

Aura Protection-Blue Guardian gives that Nap Champa calming effect. This candle is strong and more direct so your overall body feels more relaxed.

These candles are all available at

You can control any situation if your first control yourself. My aromatherapy, along with positive affirmations, can help you find that balance. Using aromatherapy candles is a very cost effective way to keep your mind clear and on your Divine Path. Take the time out today to pick the right candles for you.

With great excitement, I am announcing that in addition to doing my live weekly radio show “Spiritual Life Coaching with Ari Mac” every Friday live on, I am also streaming live at the same time on my Facebook page!!! So I am doing two live shows at the same time. The best part with Facebook is that you can ask me questions and see behind the scenes LIVE as we do the show!! It's a little nerve racking, but it's also a lot of FUN!!! So tune in this week and if you have to miss us live, you can always check out the podcast on

Here is one of my latest episodes:

Meditation class will resume starting in July. I will be send out a separate email as soon as those dates are set. I am also teaming up with my friends at General Wax to do a Fragrance & Color class, the date to be announced. So if you want to find out what your signature color and scent are, then you better come to the class!

Remember, walking your Divine Path starts with the inside. Taking the time to first control yourself is where your Divine Path begins.

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Love and light,

Ari Mac.

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