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Spring is the time to be REBORN

Spring is my favorite time of the year because everything get a chance to start anew. It's also the beginning of the zodiac signs starting with Aries-my lovely lambs. Remember Mary had a little lamb the nursery rhyme? Well, that is how all the Rams start off - as little lambs - till you get them going. Then - watch out for those horns! The beauty in starting from the beginning is that we get to use what we have learned for the next round. Yes, this is the advantage of getting older - knowledge, experience, and understanding the process of life makes you a much better person.

But it all starts with you. I recently got a chance to hang out with a few of my friends that I have not seen in a very long while. Some have made some positive changes and some have not. I asked everyone if they were happy. Only a few raised their hands. The ones who raised their hands were the ones who were still doing what they loved. The ones who had the nice cars and clothes didn't raise their hands. They said they worked so much that when they do have down time they spent most of that time getting ready for the next round or sleeping. That was bewildering to me.

So, I suggested we all try to add a little more fun in each month. You guys can follow this too. Try adding one night a month to just hang out with your friends that you have not seen in sometime. Go to a new spot or go do something new that you’ve always wanted to do. The fun will be in the journey of getting there, not the actual spot. Try bowling, pool, or even salsa dancing!!! Make a higher power decision to make your personal life a little more spicy by reconnecting with folks who have known you in different phases of your life.

The beginning that is always the exciting part. Think about your relationships - it’s the beginning that has the rush of emotion and is exciting. That’s the part when you have plenty of faith, hope and optimism. The real work begins after some time and you have to learn through the challenges as to how to make your dreams come true. Don't give up! Just know you will have to restart, relearn, and maybe even realize a whole new way of doing things.

You may surprise yourself of how much you have grown.

We have a new Aura Smudge Sage & Lavender candle. This candle is designed to help you release stress and negative energy from your environment. My folks who work in the medical field love it. Check it out on the site and let me know if you have any questions.

Tune in weekly Spiritual Coaching with Ari Mac Live every Friday on All podcasts are available on I Heart Radio Network. You can call in live on 818-570-5443 with your comments or suggestions. I also will be adding Live broadcast with Periscope starting later this month. My call name is Arimac123.

Remember everyday is a new beginning so make it your time to shine.

Love and Light, Ari Mac

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