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16 oz. Laker Candle _ Jan '23

16 oz. Laker Candle _ Jan '23

Aromatherapy affirmation jar candle w/ lid

Our Lavender Sage and Canary Yellow in Lemon Verbena candles will fill any room with a beautiful, vibrant scent. We call it the Personal Communicator Candle, but it's also nicknamed The Laker candle because it does have the same color of my hometown NBA team, The Lakers. The combination of these two powerful fragrances will create an atmosphere that's calming and energizing at the same time. Each candle not only has a delightful aroma but also comes with a personal affirmation included inside so that you can use it as a tool for personal growth.


This 100% non-toxic soy candle creates an ambience to your space while the fragrance permeates the area for hours:

16 oz - continuous burn for 96 hours, in ideal conditions


Affirmation - original affirmation on each candle

I am Blessed & deserve nothing but the best everyday in every way. Under Grace in Perfect Way and so it is.™

  • Please Recycle

    These glass jars with lids can be used in dozens of DIY projects too!

  • Do Not Eat

    Though our candles are non-toxic and made of 100% soy wax, they are not meant for human consumption.


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