12oz & 16oz Yellow Verbana Communication jar candles w/ lids


Soy wax candle in canary yellow with Lemon Verbena as main scent. These100% non-toxic soy candles create an ambience to your space while the lemon verbena fragrance permeates the area for more than 150 hours of continuous burn, under ideal conditions.


YELLOW is the color of intellect and mental stimulation; it can help you think more quickly and clearly. LEMON is a color of warmth and inspiration fueling the brain to make empowering decisions and boost your memory. This combination is amazing with studying, learning, reading and writing.

Ari blended YELLOW and the scent of LEMON VERBENA after many of her clients were experiencing challenges with communicating their needs. 


CBA brings you the Lemon Verbena Communication Aromatherapy Candle.


Affirmation: original affirmation on each candle

I now clear my mind so I can open my heart to communicate my needs.
Under grace, in perfect way, harming none, and not taking away from anybody.  Under Grace in perfect way, and so it is!

Yellow Verbena Communication Duo

  • Please recycle. These glass jars with lids can be used in dozens of DIY projects too!