Aura Smudge Sage & Lavender candles are used when you need to remove negative energy. These candles are especially useful for healers-doctors, nurses and any of the psychic medium to help release the energy they carry when dealing with a lot of people. Sage has been used for decades by Native American Indians for cleaning. Combined with Lavender, which brings it's own healing properties, these candles will help ward off that negative yucky feelings associated with negative emotions. Use in your home or office anytime.

Aura Smudge Sage & Lavender

  • These candles help you keep your balance. If you have a very important event with large number of people coming and going these candles should be used before and after event to bless the space. If you have major changes, good or bad, in your space then this candle would help balance out what is happening. You can use anytime you need to feel good. I designed these candles for my healers but I also use them in my Yoga practice to remind me to breathe in each pose.