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16oz Pure Protection - June '23

16oz Pure Protection - June '23

The Pure Protection Affirmation Aromatherapy Jar Candle is a combination of vanilla in pure white and blue in sandalwood w/ lavender. This combo represents our need to be clean and protected. White is a major symbol in the spiritual world which always evokes the feeling of innocence and purity. Blue  reminds us of our power & authority, which leads us to feel protected. That's why we call it PURE Protection.


This 100% non-toxic soy candle creates an ambience to your space while the fragrance permeates the area for hours:

16 oz - continuous burn for 96 hours, in ideal conditions


Affirmation - original affirmation on each candle

I am Blessed & deserve nothing but the best everyday in every way. Under Grace in Perfect Way and so it is.™

  • Please Recycle

    These glass jars with lids can be used in dozens of DIY projects too!

  • Do Not Eat

    Though our candles are non-toxic and made of 100% soy wax, they are not meant for human consumption.


Don't forget to select your candle size  for the Jar Candles 

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