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16oz Courage & Protection_Sept '23

16oz Courage & Protection_Sept '23

Aromatherapy affirmation jar candle w/ lid


Introducing Courage Protection Candle!  This unique candle features a beautiful ruby red color in a zesty red currant, an Indian spicy scent that will instantly perk you up. In addition, the sexy sandalwood navy blue layer of this candle will help you tap into your inner wisdom, allowing you to navigate any situation with confidence bringing a calming and soothing presence in your home, Courage Protection Candle creates a special energy that won’t soon dissipate. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or underprepared, this candle is your perfect companion! Keep it lit to help you unlock your courage and strength so you’re ready for anything life throws your way. Show yourself some love and light up your home with a Courage Protection Candle.


This 100% non-toxic soy candle creates an ambience to your space while the fragrance permeates the area for hours:

16 oz - continuous burn for 96 hours, in ideal conditions


Affirmation - original affirmation on each candle

I am Blessed & deserve nothing but the best everyday in every way. Under Grace in Perfect Way and so it is.™

  • Please Recycle

    These glass jars with lids can be used in dozens of DIY projects too!

  • Do Not Eat

    Though our candles are non-toxic and made of 100% soy wax, they are not meant for human consumption.

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