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Our Philosophy

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Our goal at Candles by Ari is to tap into the senses of all who indulge in our aromatic scents and products. Our soy candles and other aromatherapy products are filled with the scent and radiance of positive energies.

Ari has studied people for the last decade learning how scents can affect them. Smell is the strongest of the 5 senses so when you are feeling down & out you can bring your energy up by tapping into a certain smell that makes your mind go back to a better time. 


An example of how scents affect you is to think back to when you were a child. Ari says, "When I turned 8 years old my grandmother made me an orange cake for my birthday. I will never forget the smell of orange that went outside the house and beyond. I was so impressed that to this day orange cake is still my favorite cake in the world. An orange always makes me feel better no matter what mood I am in. This example was to show you how something so simple has a lifetime effect on your mind. As I started to make candles I realized what a positive effect I could have on my clients, family & friends. By learning, watching and studying how smell effects people around me I have learned to help people tap into another very powerful yet controllable resource that is within our grasp. Think about it. How many times do you smell something and start thinking back to a certain time in your life that helped shape you into the person you are today? In my case oranges are a great source of vitamin C so my grandmother's cake lead me to love a fruit that will always be good for my body, mind and soul."

Ari has a challenge for you. Think about what is going on in your life. Think about the best time in your life and the smells that you associate with those times. If you can remember a smell we here at Candles by Ari (CBA) will fill that order for you.

Ari is inspired to create products for Candles by Ari based upon her own Healing Arts experiences. Each therapeutic scent is designed under the guides of her own spiritual understanding of the human senses. With years of experience as a spiritual advisor/life coach Ari has honed her craft, sharpening her skills to perfection.

Over the years she has found the right combinations of scents and colors to make her candles the finest quality; therefore enhancing the spiritual effects they bring each person who uses them.

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