MindfulMeditation with Ari


Meditation! Now on Zoom

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1. Mindful Meditation w/ Ari


The Classic- In this class coach Ari guides you into inter space with several breathing, focusing and relaxing meditation. This class is one of Ari's original classes. In this session you will be gently guided with Ari into deep relaxing meditative space so that you can open your mind and body to what is important in your life. You will need to be in comfortable clothing and in a space that should be quite and undisturbed. Ari's soothing voice will lead you in a series of mental exercise to connect your mind and body.

Class time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Price $25 (Per class)

2. Color and Fragrance

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy the smell of vanilla? What color does it remind you of? Well then, this class is right for you. It gives you the chance to hear about how colors and fragrance have affected your day to day. Seems so simple but our senses are affected by these elements. So why not find out how to use them to help create a harmonious environment around yourself.

This is an online class so Ari will have a list of suggested scents the student will have to have available for use during class.

Class time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Price $30 (Per class)


3. Vision Board Meditation


This has also been nicknamed "The Manifestation Board." This is for those folks who want more hands on with their affirmation aromatherapy candles. When you're ready to manifest your dreams, come experience the power of affirmation aromatherapy candles with this class. We start by doing an exercise called vision boarding. This will help me get a feel for what it is that you want in your live and then Ari will guide you through deep meditation where all thoughts & dream are given a chance to manifest starting in your heart & mind. We are literally putting your dreams on a board in front of you to help you see what you want to manifest.

Manifestation is easy when you have the right tools. Come experience validation and peace through affirmations with me in this class!  I'll guide everyone deep into meditation so that every thought and desire can manifest starting from inside yourself: heart-mind connection at its finest.

Class time:  1 hour and 30 minutes
Cost $35.00 (Per class)

e.g Candles By Ari provides spiritual, aroma therapy, candles, and psychic reading, soy candles,#candlesbyari, #1spirituallifecoach, #whereiscolton, #1yogaman, #1badassmom, #msarimac