2018 Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

Greeting and Salutations, Listen up! We have some major shifts this coming year. I can't break everything down to the finest point but I can give you a theme for each sign. I will even give you a heads up for Mercury retrogrades! Of course, if you want more info, please contact me to set up an appointment today. I've made this as simple as I could for right now. Good Luck and let's make this a good year!!! Aries - Finish what you start! Looks like June will be a major shift. Taurus - Learn to trust yourself - you'll have challenges in October. Gemini - Pick your partners carefully! Major retrograde March 22-April 14th, July 26th-August 18th, and November 17th-December 5th. Cancer - Jupit

Welcoming in 2018!

We are now in a new year. How do you feel? Have you taking some time to review what you did in 2017? If you have not, don't worry, you have plenty of time. But you've got to make that happen. I do apologize for not putting out a blog in the last few months. I lost my only brother just before Thanksgiving and I had to take some time to to be with my family. Rob, was my first friend, my first partner, and the first person to recognize my talents. It's been very difficult letting him go, but I do know I have the strongest guardian angel watching over me now. It's funny how you miss the little things. Like talking over the phone while I am running around throughout my day or telling him my plan

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