Putting in the Work

This last month has kept me on my toes. With Dads, Grads, and end of the school year, I have to say I had to put in a lot of work just to keep myself in balance. I even dedicated a show this month to this very subject of "putting in the work" and I gave out my 8 steps to success that have worked for me and my clients for years. So I would like to share them with you today. 1. Commit the time. Everything has a time and a place in your life, but in order to reach your goals, you have to put in the time. That includes research, development, and reevaluating your path to your goal. I can't tell you how many candles I made that just didn't come out the way I planned. Or about the time I thought

Know Thyself!

These last few weeks have really challenged me to know myself and I started thinking, this energy is probably hitting more people then we know. So I thought I would share some of my challenges that I faced just in the last few days. Just recently, my lovely daughter misplaced the keys to the car. She left early with her auntie. I was just finishing up preparing for class when I went to find my keys to the car. I starting going back over my usual spots then realized I have given them to my kid to get something out of the car. Of course, she wasn't there to help me figure out anything. Another challenge I faced was when my live radio show from LA couldn't go live because my engineer has issues

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