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We Could Smell Before We Could Speak 

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to health using the aroma from pure essential oils extracted from leaves, stems, fruits, flowers, bark, seeds, berries, or roots of plants, trees, and herbs to treat many ailments. Essential oils are highly concentrated scents in natural form like the blood of the flower. Breathing this stimulates various psychological and physiological responses. Thus concentrated essential oils carry the same physiological, psychological, or spiritual healing properties as the plant which they come from.


    Oranges: When you smell the scent of oranges, you may think of oranges which deliver significant amounts of vitamin C that boosts our immune system. The smell can make you think of breakfast with family on Sunday mornings, bringing you to a memory which makes you smile.

    Vanilla: Think about how that simple scent fills most of our birthday cakes that everyone has seen or been around. The scent of vanilla is one of the most familiar scents. It represents being safe and secure.

Aromatherapy can be used in many ways! 

You can put essential oils in:

  • Water with a humidifier

  • In a steamer to be inhaled

  • Or, if in a pinch, in a handkerchief to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed

  • You can use them in baths for your feet or hands

  • Spray some in your room before you vacuum


Let me tell you, you and your space will thank you! It's just another way of keeping your mind and body in harmony. Most of us do not realize how much we are affected by everyday smells and aromas. I have witnessed first hand how fragrances and scents can change a situation. That is why I am putting together my notes on scents that I have seen work for each of the astrology signs. Over the years I have noticed from my clients which scent each sign loves the most.

Here are my suggestions for each Zodiac sign:

You might have noticed a couple of the signs have the same scent. That's because they also share the same planet. Another benefit aromatherapy has is the ability to control your environment. As I said before, if you can learn what your favorite scent or fragrance is, or what best calms you or energizes you, you can use it to keep yourself on the right track.


We here at Candles by Ari want to help you find that scent and even create an affirmation to bring two of your scents together so you can achieve your long and short term goals.

  • Aries - Sandalwood 

  • Taurus - Vanilla 

  • Gemini - Lemon Verbena 

  • Cancer - Rose 

  • Leo - Berrywood 

  • Virgo - Lemon Verbena

  • Libra - Vanilla 

  • Scorpio - Patchouli 

  • Sagittarius - Jasmine 

  • Capricorn - Eucalyptus 

  • Aquarius - Lavender 

  • Pisces - Sage Lavender 

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